How to Achieve Crowdfunding Success: A Video Edition

If you’re thinking about launching a crowdfunding campaign, you’re probably doing a considerable amount of research. We decided to put together a few informative videos, that are also fun, so you can kick back for a minute and enjoy them, but still be researching. We think these videos will help get you on track

Amanda Palmer’s TED Talk

This TED Talk from Amanda Palmer called The Art of Asking has been a big influence on a number of our customers that have gone on to launch campaigns and achieve crowdfunding success. It may inspire you too.

Emily Best Interview on Crowdfunding & Film Distribution

From Film Courage – A Master Class In Crowdfunding & Film Distribution – Full Interview with Emily Best, CEO. This interview is full of great advice that applies to just about anyone interested in launching a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Portlandia sketch: Crowdfunding Video Awards

This Portlandia short is funny, but also contains some great examples of what not to do, if you want to run achieve crowdfunding success.

National Press Club presentation on Equity Crowdfunding and the JOBS Act

If you love to watch C-Span in your free time, this presentation from CrowdFundBeat at the National Press Club discusses some of the legislative issues around equity crowdfunding and the JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) Act. Equity crowdfunding is a really interesting space to watch, and things are moving fast.

City City’s Ask Video

City City used IgnitionDeck to fund their first full-length album. This is a great example of how to use your own personality when making your crowdfunding campaign’s pitch video. Check out their case study here.

Crowdfunding. Facts, Myths, and Best Practices

Presented by the Inventors Association of Manhattan, May 18, 2014. Do you use reward based or equity based crowdfunding? Which crowdfunding platform should you use? What’s reasonable to raise? What are the best practices? Where do you turn to get answers?

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