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Stellar crowdfunding template

Stellar Theme

Engage with a Bold IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding Theme The Stellar IgnitionDeck Platform Theme is for serious individuals, not-for-profit organizations and businesses, who aim to develop large-scale…
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Fundify Theme

The #1 crowdfunding theme Fundify is built for seamless integration with IgnitionDeck Enterprise, the #1 crowdfunding platform plugin for WordPress. Fundify is a WordPress theme and relies…
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Paytm Web Payments

Our Paytm integration allows users in India to accept standard credit card, bank, and mobile payments using a Paytm account or wallet. All transactions are processed in INR. Due to API limitations, this module does not support pre-authorizations or recurring payments.
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Fee Mods

The Fee Mods module integrates with Stripe Connect in order to extend and modify the way your fundraising platform charges fees. You can use this module to charge custom fees on a per-project basis, enable checkout donations, and allow purchases to cover creator fees.
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Kickstarter Sync

Quickly transfer raw Kickstarter campaign data into your new IgnitionDeck project to continue where your Kickstarter campaign left off, or raise funds on two websites simultaneously. Totals are updated hourly!
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This module adds the functionality of Google’s reCAPTCHA tool in order to prevent registration spam on your website. Installation is quick and easy, and it works with many types of forms generated by IgnitionDeck and WordPress. 
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Google eCommerce Tracking

The Google eCommerce Tracking module enables the tracking of conversions on all purchases and donations via the Google eCommerce analytics tool, which can be found in your Google Analytics account. This is an excellent way to learn which forms of advertising work best for your site, and helps generate cost per acquisition (CPA) data you can use in fine-tuning your marketing strategy. 
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