Why IgnitionDeck is the Best
Self Hosted Crowdfunding Platform

IgnitionDeck is the best Self Hosted Crowdfunding Solution in the Industry. Learn how IgnitionDeck helps propel your Crowdfunding Business to the next level with our best-in-class feature set.

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Create Projects.
Track Progress in Real-Time!

Create projects and track their progress in real-time!! IgnitionDeck provides the greatest flexibility for project creators and administrators!

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Secure Payments with Stripe & Paypal

Capture funds using multiple payment gateways including Stripe with Strong Customer Authentication. Securing payments has never been easier!

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You Own the Data

Export data for reconciling payments and creating shipping labels. IgnitionDeck provides total freedom with what you do with your Crowdfunding data!

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Flexible Project Funding and Fee Splitting Options

Split payments, allow supporters to cover fees, accept donations at the checkout. Choose when you capture payments: now or later. You choose!

Crowdfunding for Makers, Communities, Artists, Entrepreneurs and More…

IgnitionDeck has the features and flexibility your creators will love!

Customize Transactional Emails & Receipts

Make your emails matter and personalize them. You have full control over the messaging and look-and-feel of your branding.

Address on Checkout

Collect shipping addresses during checkout. Addresses are automatically saved to the users’ CRM account for future use.

Built-in CRM

Manage donor information easily with IgnitionDeck’s built-in CRM capabilities. Store transaction history and vital customer information on-site. Save money on 3rd party tools!!

Frontend Project Creation

Allow project creators to easily submit new campaigns through your website’s frontend. No need to expose the WordPress Admin!

Mailchimp Integration

Integrate your projects with the world’s most loved email marketing tool, MailChimp. Enter your API key and start collecting your project supporters’ emails.

Fee Modifications

Charge custom fees on a per-project basis, enable checkout donations and allow project supporters to cover creator fees.

All the Flexibility You Need for Your Projects All in One Self-Hosted Crowdfunding Platform

  • Manage Digital Downloads
  • Allow Project Funding Upgrades
  • Project Submission Privileges
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Share-a-Sale Integration
  • Social Network Configuration
  • Mixpanel Integration
  • Project Stretch Goals Capbilities
  • FAQ + Update Capabilities
  • Anonymous Checkout
  • Google E-Commerce Integration
  • AffiliateWP Integration
  • SecuPay Gateway Integration
  • Square Gateway Integration
  • Profile Donations
  • PAYTM Gateway Integration

IgnitionDeck Gives YOU the Creative Control With Our Gorgeous Crowdfunding Themes