Equity Crowdfunding

IgnitionDeck is a complete Crowdfunding Business Platform. Empower project creators to raise funds for any type of project they can think of. IgnitionDeck has all the features your creators need to build successful campaigns.

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Our customers have raised over $20,000,000 since 2010!

Why Self-Host Your Own Equity Crowdfunding Platform?

White-Label and Self-Host Your Platform

Brand your platform how you want. The tech stack is yours to manage how you want. You set the rules, you choose how to accept payments. You’ll have fewer fees to contend with and greater flexibility for your Crowdfunding Business.

Empower Project Creators

Empower your creators to build what they want on your platform. Want to provide a niche Real Estate Crowdfunding platform for your creators? Done! Want to provide a donation platform that empowers creators to help their communities? Done! With IgnitionDeck, you’re in control!

The Power of Open Source

Don’t reinvent the wheel! IgnitionDeck is a no-code platform that brings together the power of WordPress and Open Source, delivering a flexible, easy-to-use, and robust solution that meets the demands of your project creators.

The Integrations You Need to Succeed

IgnitionDeck easily integrates with CoinPayments, PayPal, Stripe, and WooCommerce so you can create powerful, extensible, crowdfunding platforms using the best-in-class tools available.

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What Are there Barriers to Equity Crowdfunding?

Various countries, including the United States, have instituted specific regulations that dictate how businesses and entrepreneurs may raise funds for their business. As such, it is up to platform creators in the US (and respective countries) to understand the regulations surrounding Equity Crowdfunding in particular.

Read our excellent overview of becoming registered under Reg CF Regulation.

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Empower Your Customers, Remove Limits, Build Your Business

You provide the Equity Crowdfunding Platform; your creators handle the content creation, the marketing and ultimately help you build your business while they do the things they’re most passionate about.

Everybody wins with IgnitionDeck.

IgnitionDeck is Well Connected

IgnitionDeck connects to the best-in-class tools to help you raise funds for your projects easily
with the features you need and the quality and service you expect


The worlds leading credit card payment processor.

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The long-running, beloved, and fully-featured payments platform

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Accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and hundreds of alt coins for your Crowdfunding Projects

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Process your Crowdfunding transactions on one of the most widely used e-commerce platforms in the world

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Stretch Goals

Provide extra incentive for backers, and allow you to reward your supporters for going above and beyond in supporting your project.

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Easily integrate with the AffiliateWP plugin in order to offer commissions on referrals generated by your affiliates.

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