Crowdfunding Product Screenshots

IgnitionDeck is an elegant and powerful platform. See why thousands choose our platform to successfully achieve their crowdfunding campaign goals.

Restrict Content to Project Supporters

Protect your content so that only your project’s supporters can see what they’re meant to see.

Member Dashboard

Project backers and creators have access to a dashboard to manage their account, profile, and projects.

Front End Crowdfunding Campaign

Professional, sleek, crowdfunding project pages tell your project’s story and help audiences connect with your goals.

IgnitionDeck Commerce Settings

Easily configure IgnitionDeck Commerce’s powerful features and crowdfunding capabilities for your next fundraising project.

Configure Project Email and Messaging Settings/Features

Send the right email message at the right time with IgnitionDeck’s well-conceived email templating system. Keep your project backers and supporters in the know.

Easily View Project Orders

Keep track of project supporters with our built-in

IgnitionDeck Back-end Settings and Configuration

From looking up contributors, orders, or easily configuring payment gateways, IgnitionDeck has you covered.

Project Creation Form

Your crowdfunding and fundraising project creators can easily create projects with an intuitive front end UI.

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