IgnitionDeck Valet Service

We call it “IgnitionDeck Valet” because we take the keys to your environment and handle the whole set up process. When you get the keys back, you’re ready to start fundraising immediately.


This is a one-time purchase. View terms

IgnitionDeck Enterprise Valet is a full-service installation and setup assistance package provided by our team of Support Engineers.

New to WordPress? No problem, we’ll install and set defaults at no additional costs!

Free installation and setup of any IgnitionDeck theme (included with the IgnitionDeck Enterprise license, sold separately for IgnitionDeck Echelon).

Installation of all necessary pages, widgets, and menus required to make your website fully functional. Includes the creation of a sample project, and payment testing*.

* The fine print:

  • Due to security limitations, payments can only be tested end to end with Stripe. For PayPal, we can test to the PayPal login page.
  • Valet price is separate from the IgnitionDeck plugins purchase price. IgnitionDeck plugins must be purchased separately.
  • We do not install valets on sites using WordPress Multisite, Amazon Web Services, or other cloud hosting services.
  • IgnitionDeck extensions are not installed as part of the IgnitionDeck Valet. You can get guidance for setting these up in IgnitionDeck’s documentation and/or our regular support.
  • During the seven days following completion of the IgnitionDeck Valet service, we will work with you to resolve any minor issues that occur as a result of conflicts with non-IgnitionDeck plugins/themes, but we cannot guarantee compatibility with all non-IgnitionDeck software.
  • In some cases, delivery time may be delayed as a result of more advanced compatibility issues with your hosting or if you’re using a custom theme.
  • IgnitionDeck Valet service does not include customization of the plugins or themes. We do have developers available on a contract basis for changes of this nature. Please send an email to support@Ignition WP.com with the details of your project’s requirements to request customization.