Settlement Theme

Settlement is a powerful, responsive, and simple WordPress fundraising theme built for charities, non-profits, foundations, schools, organizations, and individuals.

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Welcome to Your New Home.

The Settlement theme is very easy to use and customize and ensures straightforward setup when coupled with IgnitionDeck.  You can get started with the free IgnitionDeck plugin that comes with the theme, or upgrade to the Echelon or Enterprise licenses for premium functionality.  Contact us if you have any questions!

Settlement is here to build your non-profit website from start to finish, easing the creation and management of fundraising and crowdfunding projects for your charity.  With simple categorization of projects, you can be raising funds for fresh water projects, new libraries, school renovations, reforestation, and more.

Settlement Responsive Image

Settlement Checks All The Boxes

Responsive: Settlement was designed to be responsive, and has been developed as such.  Each aspect is meant to display and interact with as neatly on a mobile device as it would the desktop.

Customizable: The Settlement home page is highly customizable, utilizing the easy to use WordPress widget system to lay out your home page in a drag-and-drop fashion.  Our 500 Content Widgets have been created to simplify the process of selecting the sections you wish to include, and the content to display in each.

Colorful: Just like our other themes based on the 500 Framework, Settlement makes color customization a breeze.  Select your color pallet in the WordPress Customize screen, and watch it change color instantly, allowing simple adjustments until it’s just how you want it.

Simple Front-End Submission **: With GoFundMe inspired campaign creation, we’ve removed the hassle of traditional crowdfunding clutter such as reward levels, to make it easy for your members to get their projects published.

Donate-What-You-Want: Let your donors decide what to donate!  It’s easy when Settlement and IgnitionDeck get together, our intuitive lightbox form allows entry of any amount (and you can set a minimum) before they head for the checkout form!

Recurring Donations *: With IgnitionDeck Echelon and Enterprise, coupled with the Stripe payment gateway, you can enable recurring donations! Unleash the most powerful fundraising method of all, subscription based fundraising!

Profile Donations **: Let the project creators on your website accept direct donations to their organizations, bypassing a the need for a fundraising campaign as the only way someone can donate!

Uncluttered: Many themes these days have a lot more bells and whistles than should realistically be in action, causing the sites to feel overwhelming and cluttered.  Charity theme’s design is clean and relaxed; the experience of navigating it is a breath of fresh air.

Focused: Working to maintain a singular focus at any time, this charity theme features large photos, appropriate white space, and only the most pertinent information on screen at any time.

Bold: A donate button sits in the upper right as an explicit invitation to do exactly what you need your visitors to do.  Don’t tip toe around this aspect, as it’s the lifeblood of your NGO.

Checkout Comments *: Let your donors leave a note of encouragement with their donation! They can even choose to remain anonymous!

Settlement Home Page Layout Widgets

The new Settlement Team Widget makes it extremely easy to highlight members of your team, and link to a full about us or team page.  Punch in a few details, and hit save!

The Feature Widget was first released in Stellar, and has been customized to suit the design of the Settlement theme accordingly.  It’s also experienced a rewrite to make it even easier to use!

The News Widget built exclusively for Settlement, showcases your 5 newest blog posts in a gorgeous responsive carousel.  Highlight your blog in style right on the home page.

The 500 Content Wide Custom Widget makes adding large photos with big headlines to your home page a breeze, and the layout possibilities are vast.

* Requires IgnitionDeck Echelon or Enterprise

** Requires IgnitionDeck Enterprise