Get Started with WordPress

Looking to get started with WordPress? No problem, we’ve got you covered with these three simple steps:

1. Get Hosting

IgnitionDeck and Ignition WP are both hosted on the Media Temple VPS infrastructure. We’re huge fans of their product, and if you’re just getting started, think their Grid Plan is one of the best hosting deals on the market.

If you’re on a tighter budget, we recommend Site5 because it enables unlimited websites, can handle 100k visits per month, and is less than $12/month.

2. Install WordPress

To install WordPress, you have 2 simple options:

A. Use your server’s Fantastico application in the cPanel.

B. Go to to download and get manual installation instructions.

3. Find a Nice Theme

WordPress comes with two default themes, but they are very basic and may not meet your design standards. Here are some themes/theme makers that we recommend:

IgnitionDeck Themes:



500 Venus

500 Classic


General WordPress Themes:

Theme Forest


Genesis Framework

Most themes are easy to install via the WordPress admin menu, but if you find yourself stuck, check the download for support and/or installation instructions.