Release Notes



  • (Fix) Broken FirstData checkout process
  • (Update) Error reporting on checkout
  • (Update) Version bump


  • (Fix) Update support of WP 5.5+ jQuery migration (checkbox on/off attributes)
  • Changed files: ignitiondeck.php, js/ignitiondeck-admin-min.js, and js/ignitiondeck-admin.js


  • (Fix) Various form conflicts introduced with Yoast SEO plugin update 14+
  • (Fix) Regression issue with front-end project tracking with non-WC projects


  • (Fix) Column sorting of projects in admin so that sorting happens for numeric values within the sorted column.
  • (Fix) WooCommerce orders aren’t tracked on project on the front-end.


  • (Fix) Admin column sorting of projects in admin screen.
  • (Fix) Amount Raised column sorting error.


  • (Fix) Refactored FES caching issue implemented in 1.7.2.


  • (Fix) Caching issue when saving a project using the FES form.
  • (Fix) Empty parent project caches on new orders. Fixes issue where %, order count, etc doesn’t update on new orders.
  • (Update) Ran code sniffing against plugin files to ensure adherence to WP coding standards (WPCS).


  • (Update) Update Plugin Author name and Author URI
  • (Update) Update language files


  • (Fix) Update admin project submission form to account for changes related to the WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg editor
  • (Fix) Account for empty $data var on deck builder settings menu
  • (Improvement) Add filters to deck object
  • [IDE] (Improvement) Minor CSS tweaks to front-end submission form to remove background color on non-IgnitionDeck themes



  • (Fix) Account for draft and pending projects when checking user project count
  • (Fix) Modify hooks to ensure order details, counts, totals are all updated after orders are created, modified, or deleted
  • (Improvement) New method to retrieve all project meta
  • (Improvement) Multiple CSS improvements


  • (Fix) Account for both strings and numeric values when calculating funds raised to ensure count is accurate
  • (Improvement) Add dec, dec_point, and sep argument to id_number_format filter


  • (Fix) Properly round and format funds raised value when pulling from cache
  • (Fix) Update translation files and catalog properties
  • (Improvement) Remove multiple deprecated libs to prevent triggering of PHP compatibility check errors
  • (Improvement) Update ereg() function in ID_Pagination class to comply with current PHP standards
  • (Improvement) Add height/width arguments to embed widget + fix frameborder argument


  • (Fix) Restore project raised total cache to repair slow load times


  • (Fix) Update meta check to ensure proper creator project count, which rectifies multiple front-end link and project list issues
  • [IDE] (Improvement) Don’t show project category dropdown if category list is empty
  • (Fix) Use $noformat=true to ensure proper percentage calculation in percent bar shortcode


  • (Fix) Major changes to get_project_raised in order to better handle success issues with parent projects, plus now able to account for an infinite # of child projects
  • (Improvement) Optimize project count query and improve caching functionality


  • (Fix) Restore project long description in _projectContent.php template


  • (Fix) Update licensing to remove calls to expired products as functionality now requires active subscription


  • (Fix) Columns align properly when using more than one grid shortcode per page
  • [IDE] (Fix) Yoast fix now checks for idc_dashboard and memberdeck_dashboard
  • [IDE] (Improvement) New option to hide failed projects on grid/s
  • (Improvement) Minify all CSS and javascript


  • (Fix) [IDE] Project submissions now work with Yoast SEO enabled
  • (Fix) Grid shortcode uses posts_per_page argument when max isn’t used by using -1 as default
  • (Fix) Use idf_is_id_theme() to properly account for custom child themes when using auto_insert setting
  • (Fix) Automatically approve projects checkbox now displays properly
  • (Fix) Show currency symbol when using WooCommerce and currency position is set to default
  • (Improvement) [IDE] Add error template for top and bottom of FES template
  • (Improvement) Remove nl2br from project long description and instead use wpautop + wp_kses_post
  • (Improve) Remove multiple legacy templates and functions


  • (Fix) [IDE] Remove extra padding/background color from front-end submission form
  • (Fix) Use DateTime object to get timestamp and calc days left, since it better supports foreign date formats
  • (Fix) Fix minor issues related to admin datepicker script
  • (Fix) Update “Immediately Deliver Funds” translation strings
  • (Fix) Add support for custom date formats on user profile displays
  • (Improvement) [IDE] Migrate front-end submission javascript functionality to functions that can be called and also trigger events via jQuery
  • (Improvement) Minor update/rewrite to ignition_product metaboxes and metabox handlers in order to improve appearance and efficiency


  • (Fix) Remove aWeber functionality resulting in errors when adding/editing orders
  • (Fix) Update translation strings in orders and deck builder menu
  • (Improvement) Support for time inputs in form class
  • (Improvement) Filter ignition_product vars, default end type, start date, end date
  • (Improvement) Add classes to dashboard tabs


  • (Fix) Update translation strings on IDCF orders screen
  • (Improvement) Minor fixes to update system to improve reliability
  • (Fix) Update version number


  • (Fix) Remove call to missing text_variables.php
  • (Improvement) Create 300×175 project thumb size used with mini widget and filtered via id_project_thumbnail_size filter


  • (Improvement) Add support for all standard WordPress date/time formats
  • (Fix) Days left can now be properly translated
  • (Fix) Update backer comments to prevent wrapping
  • (Improvement) Remove decimals from goal, amount raised, and percentage raised
  • (Improvement) Yank out old text_variables file, references, and variable invokation
  • (Improvement) Hide checkout settings menu when IDC is set as commerce platform
  • (Improvement) Use avatar data for social og:image meta
  • (Improvement) Upgrade menu icons to @2x quality using new dashicons font
  • (Improvement) [IDE] Add titles to backer/creator profile links
  • (Improvement) Update “powered by” logo to new branding
  • (Improvement) Remove multiple deprecated functions and templates related to Legacy IgnitionDeck


  • (Improvement) [IDE] Introduction of the new Simple FES module, which removes levels (and other data) from the front-end submission form
  • (Improvement) [IDE] New option in Enterprise Settings to auto-approve project submissions
  • (Fix) Remove “a” from mini widget template
  • (Fix) Project FAQ/Update hooks in _projectContent.php that were triggering errors
  • (Fix) Disable caching of orders by project, which fixes multiple project related errors
  • (Improvement) Cache order by level, and use this to improve other related functionality


  • (Fix) Update multiple translation strings in primary deck template
  • (Improvement) Set percent meta for project_id only when firing id_payment_success
  • (Improvement) Cache orders by project, order count, and use is_numeric to test for 0 values, which allows non-supported projects to be cached
  • (Improvement) Link project thumbnails to project page on grid
  • (Fix) [IDE] Send proper project ID for meta update when submitting/editing on the FES


  • (Fix) Migrate final localization strings in deck templates from text_variables.php to standard get text format


  • (Improvement) Remove IDCF main menu and merge submenus into IgnitionDeck menu
  • (Fix) [IDE] Level editors now add media to the proper level description
  • (Fix/Improvement) Days left reverts to hours left in final 24 hours, so we update text in all shortcodes, widgets, and themes to reflect it
  • (Fix) IDCF Add/Edit order now shows levels with empty price
  • (Fix) Issue resulting in FAQ/Updates being printed above the header
  • (Improvement) Flush project raised when saving projects
  • (Improvement) Replace output buffering and improve content filter in FAQ/Update shortcodes



  • (Fix) Improve postmeta caching to prevent projects from timing out on save/update
  • (Fix) Update thumbnail handler to prevent blurry/small images on summary templates
  • (Fix) Add hooks and flush cache when deleting orders to ensure project raised total is up to date
  • (Fix) Some project goals were showing zero in admin project list
  • (Improvement) [IDE] Removes images 2-4 from FES


  • (Fix) Non-cached project raised values displayed as zero


  • (Fix) Major improvements to project caching, including some fixes, efficiency improvements, which also fixes issues causing blurry project thumbnails, and donation totals not updating after new orders
  • (Fix) [IDE] Project updates no longer wipe goal and date data
  • (Improvement) Replace and remove $tr_ translation strings in favor of standard gettext format
  • (Improvement) Removal of multiple deprecation functions and code comments
  • (Improvement) New project status hooks added based on wp_transition_post_status calls


  • Fix: Stop hijacking $wpdb->base_prefix in install scripts
  • Fix: Add/Edit project screen image upload no longer results in errors
  • Fix: Project widget no longer shows most recent project on project archive
  • Fix: Level 1 now able to save custom order value
  • Improvement: Use hours in days left when less than 1 day remains
  • Fix: Use usort method when inserting WC project orders to preserve variation->level match on orders screen
  • Fix: Minor issues with responsive/mobile CSS
  • Fix: Multiple issues with language file configuration
  • Fix: Backer comments now wrap
  • Improvement: Remove deprecated company info, images 2-4 on add/edit project screen
  • Improvement: Cache commonly used objects and arrays (settings, projects, project data, project metadata)
  • Improvement: Remove deprecated iThemes integration


  • Improvement: Add support for all WooCommerce currencies
  • Improvement: Add support for variable product details to WooCommerce checkout
  • Improvement: Add support for WooCommerce’s currency positions
  • Fix: Rewrite WooCommerce->IDCF level bindings based on WooCommerce’s new data storage protocol for variable products, which ensures they are properly matched in lightbox and on checkout
  • Fix: [IDE] datepicker formatting issue resulting in PHP notices and improperly displayed project end dates
  • Fix: Remove outdated generic functions (delete_image, delete_img) that sometimes resulted in fatal errors
  • Fix: Minor issues related to license key transients disappearing
  • Improvement: Add handful of new filters for front-end text and query string URL’s
  • Improvement: Fix multiple PHP notices on FES caused when fields are missing and/or filtered out
  • Fix: Properly account for creator location in usermeta


  • Fix: Missing funciton resulting in fatal error


  • Improvement: IDCF basic features are now free
  • Change: No longer supporting Legacy Adaptive Payments
  • Improvement: [IDE] Team info now pulls from WP usermeta by default and has been removed from FES


  • Fix: Incorrect settings menu link in admin notification message
  • Improvement: Move default language files to language_default folder in order to prevent the overwriting of custom translations
  • Improvement: Move project embed code to ID Social
  • Improvement: Move license validation to IDF
  • Improvement: Fix multiple CSS issues on backer profile and backer lists


  • Fix: multiple issues with checkout page as a result of auto-templating functionality errors
  • Fix: [IDE] issue preventing error class from properly being applied and visible on FES WYSIWYG fields
  • Improvement: use https as default for key validation
  • Improvement:[IDE]  move multiple FES form fields/sections into their own functions, called by hook, so that they can easily be removed and/or re-used
  • Improvement: moved creator settings from to IDC since they require membership functionality
  • Improvement: remove deprecated Facebook.js checks


  • Port license key management to IgnitionDeck Framework
  • Rearrange multiple settings menus in order to improve UX
  • Fixed: grid shortcode was not showing all projects due to missing argument
  • Fixed: replace get_currentuserinfo() with wp_get_current_user()
  • Introduce deck type as an argument in the deck object
  • (IDE) Introduce filters for FES form and arguments
  • Remove various bits of deprecated code
  • Port lightbox functionality to IgnitionDeck Framework


  • (Improvement) Updated the currency symbol of the Swiss Franc
  • (Feature) Users can now enter a simple YouTube or Vimeo url on the project video field. This also applies to IgnitionDeck Enterprise users on the project submission page
  • Fixed: [IDE] Updated TinyMCE controls on FES so that new levels can properly toggle between html/wysiwyg
  • Fixed: [IDE] The post publish date is no longer changed when the project is saved from the front end
  • All social functionality is now in IgnitionDeck Social. Get it for free!
  • Other bug fixes and style changes


  • Fix to the error regarding Font Awesome. A Backup check for id_font_awesome and converted to idf_font_awesome


  • (IDE) Update to project submission notifications sending
  • (IDE) Fixed: Levels can now be added up to 99 on Front-End Submission (FES)
  • (IDE) Project Editing now utilizes a post_author check to ensure editing rights
  • Changed Add and Delete links for Levels on admin project edit screen to buttons for screen readers
  • Fixed: Some hosting environments didn’t like how License Keys validated – not anymore.
  • Fixed: Goal Amount currency now using Global Currency setting
  • Fixed: In some instances, page was refreshing when adding level from project admin
  • (IDE) Fixed: New levels no longer adopting by default the fund-type of first level.
  • (IDE) Fixed: Fund-types on FES save correctly based on certain scenarios
  • (IDE) Fixed: Fund-type option hidden when only one fund-type has been set in admin
  • Fixed: issues in Lightbox level selection when 1 or more levels had reached their goal.
  • Fixed: Widget construct syntax updated based on WordPress 4.3 changes
  • Fixed: Radio buttons in some themes would not align neatly, now they should.
  • Stylesheet updates and improvements to deck and checkout.
  • Font Awesome removed from IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding and shifted to IgnitionDeck Commerce.
  • Additional translation strings added


  • Modify end date so that projects end at midnight on the last day of the campaign, rather than midnight the morning of
  • (IDE) Fix attributes of levels added after a project has been submitted
  • Disable PWYW for recurring products when Stripe is the only checkout option, since plans are restricted by price and must be created first
  • (IDE) Add default image for backer profile, creator profile, and my projects screen
  • (IDE) Add new thumbnail sizes for backer profile, creator profile, and my projects screen
  • (IDE) Update to styling of dashboard pages to support new IDC re-skin, including some additional features and display options
  • Port social sharing and code to IDSocial
  • Fix bug preventing WC and EDD users from being able to select display currency in project settings menu
  • Fix bug on thank-you popup causing project title to be listed twice
  • Fix some bugs with currency symbols and codes that caused them to display improperly
  • (IDE) Fixed bug causing embed code to be stripped from long descriptions
  • (IDE) Fixed bug that sometimes required two clicks to submit projects on front-end
  • (IDE) Fixed bug that would result in empty team logos being displayed as broken images
  • (IDE) Only show start date when using IDE
  • Add error on checkout form to notate when settings have not been saved and form fields are not present
  • Add default thank you URL in the event it hasn’t been saved yet (fixes redirect bug)
  • Minor design updates and CSS fixes


  • (IDE) New FES submission options allow you to save and work on drafts without submitting for approval
  • (IDE) Add filter to enable use of iframe and embed on FES long descriptions


  • Hide address fields in project settings unless legacy is enabled
  • Deprecate anticipated ship date field
  • (Legacy) Add new setting in project settings for basic IDCF only that allows people to auto-display shortcodes by default, which is set to true on new installations
  • (IDE) Modify the way we enable project submission/creation by using create_edit_projects role
  • (IDE) Add additional filters before/after campaign end options: fes_end_type_before, fes_end_type_after
  • (IDE) Add $vars to our FES filters
  • Add a conditional to our platform check to disable purchase form globally unless legacy is selected
  • New ID_Project class method for use in selecting orders by date range
  • (IDE) Add filter id_creator_projects for author queries on front end
  • (IDE) Add filter id_creator_args for author queries on front end
  • (IDE) Add preview link on edit project form
  • (IDE) Scroll to first input w/ error when submitting FES and fields do not validate
  • Move social settings to ID Social in order to better segregate and isolate functionality
  • Make it possible to enter custom amounts when adding/editing orders for level based projects
  • (IDE) Set minimum of 0 for all number inputs on FES
  • (IDE) Fixed bug causing level fund types to be missing, or appear when they shouldn’t on the FES form
  • (IDE) Fixed issue preventing users from being able to remove images on the FES form
  • (IDE) Fixed issue causing Add Media button to always insert into the 1st level long description
  • Improve the way we sanitize API fields prior to database insertion in order to also strip white space from the beginning and end of strings
  • (IDE) Fixed issue with page meta title on dashboard not showing space between separator
  • Fixed bug preventing level limits > 999 on level 1
  • Fixed bug in twice daily cron created by calling an unset is_basic variable
  • Fixed bug resulting in missing level 1 title
  • (Legacy) Update Paypal form to use product ID when submitting to Paypal
  • (IDF) Update integration based on new EDD variable pricing data structure, which will fix several issues in the pairing of levels to downloads
  • (IDF) Update the way we complete EDD orders based on new API structure


  • (IDE) New creator profile option added to the dashboard navigation and linked via author profiles on project pages
  • New project hierarchy feature allows you to select a parent project, which in turn will combine donations and backers based on child projects
  • New Project Type (project_type) taxonomy created for use in categorizing projects without adding new FES options. For example, projects with project type of ‘featured’ will be treated as Staff Picks in certain themes.
  • (IDE) Update license validation to prevent disabling of features if product is not renewed
  • (IDE) Project creators can now select funding type on a per-level basis
  • (IDE) Fixed bug causing wp_insert_post to malfunction and fail in properly creating projects from front-end
  • Update project listings using post author instead of post meta


  • Fix auto-update script
  • Update image shortcode to properly use featured image for image 1
  • (IDE) Fix issue preventing creator/team info from showing on FES submitted projects
  • Add $charset_collate to our dbDelta scripts
  • Update deck filtering to manage percentage, number, currency, and other filters in the class methods instead of in each template
  • Modify project update handlers to update information normally handled by cron only
  • Remove thank you page option when Legacy is not selected via IDF
  • Fix MYSQL query bug that was printing connection and number of rows errors
  • (IDE) Add support for default permalinks on dashboard
  • Fix bug from invalid object on mini widget template
  • Terms and Conditions has been deprecated from the IDCF project add/edit and purchase form (Legacy)
  • (IDE) Fixed errors resulting from missing project fund type when editing project
  • Fix error caused by deprecated avatar database field when searching IDCF->Orders
  • Fix issue causing new levels in admin to display without TinyMCE editor


  • (IDE) Fixed bug causing FES saves to remove the project category
  • Fixed bug converting project short description to HTML
  • Add TinyMCE to level long description on 1st level in project admin
  • (IDE) Add media uploads to FES fields that use TinyMCE
  • Fix double currency code and number format on embed widget
  • Fix bug preventing mini widget shortcode from working
  • Fix bug that caused Paypal Adaptive Preauthorizations to error with date range length
  • Fix bug setting FAQ and Updates to display:none now that we have removed click feature
  • (IDE) Fix button size on FES when using HTML (text) mode


  • (IDE) New option for exporting project data on ‘My Projects’ page
  • New filters for formatting display numbers and currency codes within templates and on order screens
  • New social sharing template added to footer of IDC order popup
  • (IDE) Use default comment setting for FES project submissions and edits
  • New admin notice that mentions IDF requirement
  • Update to Font Awesome 4.2.0
  • Update Facebook.js to version 2.0
  • Update ID icon to SVG
  • Remove wrapper on video embed code to spit raw html/embed code
  • html_entity_decode long description
  • (IDE) Store team info in array instead of single variables to make easier to filter/pull
  • New class method and cron job to denote project as closed. Updated templates to use it
  • Remove print_r on Adaptive Payment preauthorization request submission
  • Fix bug that was causing projects to close early
  • (IDE) Fix bug preventing tinyMCE from loading on new levels on FES
  • Ensure Facebook og tags use new project thumbnail method
  • Fix several bugs causing widgets to load the wrong projects



  • Update class methods to integrate with CrowdPress
  • Updated grid shortcode (credit Krown Themes) to include additional sorting options via postmeta
  • Replace image 1 use with post thumbnail use. This includes both input and output
  • Write activation script to convert existing image1 values to post thumbnails
  • Replace project name input with post title in all input/output instances
  • Significant project postmeta styling updates
  • New filters for FAQ (idcf_faqs) and Updates (idcf_updates)
  • Set default idc_cf_fund_type option on install to prevent new products from being set to subscription by default
  • (IDE) New options to better manage subscription options
  • Fix bug resulting in duplicate Paypal orders on refunds and conversions
  • (IDE) Fix issue that prevented subscriptions from showing when only one fund-type option was available
  • (IDE) Fix bug preventing project categories from saving on FES
  • (IDE) Add filters to each H3 item on FES form
  • (IDE) Add filter to each FES label (fes_[input name]_label)
  • (IDE) Fixed bug breaking purchase form URL when projects are edited and a default purchase page is not set
  • (IDE) Fix multisite path issues resulting in missing options and menus
  • (IDE) Fixed bug forcing FES editor to HTML after edit


  • (IDE) Integration with FAQ/Updates plugin for updates
  • (IDE) New and improved styling on FES
  • (IDE) Fixed bug requiring multiple clicks to submit FES form
  • (IDE) Run WYSIWYG FES items through wpautop so that paragraphs are automatically generated
  • (IDE) Add before and after hook for each field on the form fes_fieldname_before/after
  • (IDE) New action on FES submit ide_fes_submit
  • Fixed bug causing project grid not to display in certain instances
  • New project success hook runs on new orders and on cron and updates ign_project_success meta
  • Add success class to grid items so they can be styled upon success
  • Add new filters to project category, and ignition_product args so that they can be customized
  • Add new ‘custom’ filter for use with building custom decks
  • Do not use lightbox for PWYW projects using Legacy IgnitionDeck
  • New get_order() static method
  • Fix basename and plugin name inside of updates file
  • Add deck settings to deletion hook
  • Update metabox URL constant to be more unique
  • Fixed bug causing sold out levels to be clickable


  • Update directory structure for compatibility with new IgnitionDeck framework on WP Repository


  • Now integrates with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. Use IgnitionDeck to select your gateway of choice
  • Checkout is now process via a level select lightbox
  • (IDE) Added WYSIWYG editor to long descriptions on front-end submission form
  • (IDE) Now displaying image URL’s on front-end submission form so that images can easily be added to the project/level descriptions
  • Featured image automatically added as video cover
  • Click to play feature added to video/cover image
  • (IDE) Use display name instead of real name on backer profile
  • Fixed WYSIWYG editor issue introduced by WP 3.9 in the add/edit project screen
  • (IDE) Fixed bug that would break creator URLs when http:// or https:// prefix was not added
  • Fix Mailchimp bug that occurred when using custom settings
  • Add website URL to backer profile
  • Add Facebook open graph tags to Backer Profile and project pages
  • Remove from the sharing options
  • Properly set project fund type on front-end submissions to enable both pre-auth and capture
  • Fixed conflict with Jetpack’s Open Graph tags that would break dashboard pages
  • Add new IDs and classes to front-end submission form for easier selector targeting
  • Fix license validation bug that printed cURL error
  • Update admin ajax protocol and set id_ajaxurl to be relative



  • Public facing backer profile added to IDC Dashboard (IDE)
  • Facebook metadata added to HTTP headers on project pages which results in proper variables being sent to Facebook during Like/Share
  • Drafts can now be previewed by project submitter/owner (IDE)
  • Automatic pointing to proper project page for non-50o IDE installations (IDE)
  • Disable purchase form submit after click to prevent multiple submissions
  • Fix default thank you URL
  • Better handling in removal of WP SEO hook (IDE) which results in a proper working relationship between WP SEO and IgnitionDeck
  • Optimize getProductDefaultSettings function
  • Update outdated or incorrect shortcode listings
  • Remove default terms and conditions text so that it doesn’t display if not edited
  • Echo cURL error on license key validation, if error exists


  • Added dropdown to choose between 100% funding and capture mode on FES (IDE)
  • Prevent level title, price, and limit from being edited after project is published (IDE)
  • Fix numerous bugs with FES levels (IDE)


  • Fix decimal bug on PWYW projects
  • Delete projects when uninstall plugin
  • Update translation strings
  • Fix level limit bug causing some levels to not link
  • Disallow edit of level pricing on live projects (IDE)


  • Commerce and customization now requires a license key be entered in order to function
  • Add category to grid shortcode
  • Add ‘default’ option to purchase and thank you page drop down selector
  • Fix percentage bar on Deck widget
  • Fix email settings save bug
  • Added project status message to new project submissions and edit project page
  • Fix FES form to properly save radio, select, and checkboxes (IDE)
  • Hide license key from non-super-admins on multisite (IDE)
  • Optimize front-end and admin js/CSS to load only when necessary
  • Disable autosave on ignition_product in order to prevent broken project ID
  • Improved license key status message
  • Fixed multiple issues with image uploads on FES form (IDE)
  • Fixed bug with level links for sold out levels
  • Add persistent help/documentation links to admin menus
  • Fix links to Aweber and Mailchimp in email settings menu
  • Hide trashed projects from ‘My Projects’ screen


  • Fix numerous bugs with FES including image4 and end type saving (IDE)
  • Remove project type selector to default to admin selection (IDE)
  • Add new project_category taxonomy to the ignition_product post type
  • Add support for project_category to FES (IDE)
  • Fix bug resulting in Paypal item number always being set to 0
  • Fix significant multisite bug resulting in broken admin (IDE)
  • Update FES to take on skin colors (IDE)
  • Fixed project raised shortcode bug
  • Add author to IgnitionDeck Project Screen
  • Fix embed code icon
  • Upgrade to Font Awesome 3
  • new ide_fes_redirect filter (IDE)


  • Creator profile added to FES form and front-end project display (IDE)
  • Limit number of editable fields on live user-submitted projects (IDE)
  • Add FAQ to FES creation and edit (IDE)
  • Fix number format bug on percentage bar
  • Alert if PWYW is left blank
  • Strip non-numeric characters from PWYW field
  • Fix level save bug on front-end submission (IDE)
  • Unlink levels on closed projects that have ended
  • Fix date format on FES (IDE)
  • Visual indicator that key is valid or invalid
  • Fix multiple bugs on FES form that led to missing and/or duplicate posts/fields (IDE)


  • Fixed issue with missing project id in project and purchase URL’s
  • Stripslashes on product name in embedded deck
  • Remove deprecated ‘products’ folder
  • Updated translations
  • Fix to purchase URL query string
  • Update Mailchimp function to fix multiple errors


  • Updated styling on my projects tab to include view/edit actions
  • New default purchase and thank you URL option available from product settings screen
  • Solve duplicate projects display after editing on front end
  • Better fallback from image thumbnails
  • Fix display of project images on front end edit
  • Third option in email settings to disable auto-subscription after purchase
  • Fix purchase receipt value on recurring payments


  • Support for IgnitionDeck Enterprise (0.5)
  • Updated translation strings
  • Fix bugs related to bbPress protection
  • In absence of timezone string, set to default of UTC
  • New Form class
  • IDE users can remove ‘powered by IgnitionDeck’ text on embedded deck
  • Introduction of following IDE features:
    • Front End Submission
    • Stripe Connect
    • Creator account registration and account menus


  • New extensions menu allows you to browse/purchase extensions from within WordPress
  • Level order is now customizable
  • Use your license key to automatically receive updates
  • Embed widget code now displays underneath video next to other share buttons
  • New global currency code
  • New class methods
  • Minor styling fixes on widgets, deck, and purchase form
  • Switch from Timthumb to WP thumbnail
  • Added license key functionality
  • Fix bug allowing purchase of level 1 even when sold out
  • Updated translation strings
  • Security updates



  • Fix missing function declaration
  • Include language files (.po/.mo) in languages folder


  • Deck builder allows you to build your own instance of the deck via shortcode or widget
  • Re-designed skins
  • Grid shortcode, using grid=”x” for width, and max=”y” for maximum number of projects
  • Deck levels (via shortcode and widget) are now selectable
  • Upgrade Font Awesome to 3.2.1
  • Consolidate js
  • Strip slashes from projects in drop downs
  • Update multiple functions based on new class methods
  • new id_pre_order_delete and id_order_delete hooks
  • Prevent URL hacking on purchase form. Sold out levels load drop down instead.
  • Update datepicker.js to latest
  • Minor markup updates, most notably, removal of id’s from deck template
  • XSS vulnerability patch on purchase form
  • Hourly cron to update new meta field, ign_fund_raised


  • 1.11
  • Prevent URL hacking on sold out levels
  • Update admin styling to metabox layout
  • Cleanup of templates and CSS to prepare for deck builder and skin re-design
  • Ensure jQuery enqueues before other scripts
  • Fix days left function
  • Fix complete shortcode float issue
  • Set default project type to level based to prevent errors when not set
  • Better support for IDFU extension
  • Default to USD when currency not set
  • Make sure all variables are sanitized prior to sending to Paypal (Matthieu Aubry)
  • Prevent Facebook.js from loading on purchase form
  • Remove supporter exclusive skin from package
  • 1.1
  • Support for level short descriptions (currently not used)
  • Purchase form will accept $_GET var ‘level’ in URL and auto-select that level
  • Fixed Adaptive Payments bug causing test App ID to be used when in live mode
  • Admin nags can be cleared and will not return
  • Easily check/clear all checkbox fields in admin menus
  • New hook ‘id_order_update’ that returns order id
  • New filters ‘id_level_after’ , ‘id_widget’ , ‘id_mini_widget’
  • Filter default metaboxes via ‘id_postmeta_boxes’ filter
  • Major additions to ID_Project class
  • New Deck, Order, Project, Purchase Form, and Widget classes
  • Updated project postmeta class
  • Add commas to number_format function in deck
  • Aweber support fixed and upgraded
  • Purchase form now filterable via ‘id_purchase_form’ filter
  • Complete rewrite of all shortcodes using new classes
  • Several purchase form bugfixes to better handle pay selection, button active/disabled states, and json parsing
  • Further isolate javascript from admin and front-end
  • Removed deprecated functions and files
  • Updated text variables
  • Hide mini-deck image if it doesn’t exist
  • Minor CSS improvements
  • Cleanup admin notices and errors found in debug mode
  • Option to bypass success hook when manually adding orders
  • Update activation, deactivation, and deletion hooks to be more efficient
  • Added minimum price of 99 cents in order to better handle pricing issues
  • Fixed social buttons template path
  • Fix -custom.css include


  • 1.03 Bug Fixes
  • Fixed ‘Payal’ misspelling
  • Fixed preview bug that was breaking projects. You are now free and clear to use preview!
  • 1.02 Updates
  • Use separate Paypal email for each project (works with Paypal Standard only)
  • Use of new ID_Project class Back-end rewrite of custom settings menu
  • New id_after_install, id_set_defaults hooks
  • 1.02 Bug Fixed
  • Fixed order details level 1 display issue
  • 1.01 Updates
  • Removed deprecated code
  • Improved Paypal Form and IPN Handling
  • Admin nags remind you to save settings and create first project
  • 1.01 Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Paypal IPN handling on amounts greater than 999
  • Fixed thank you URL bug that sometimes led to 404
  • 1.0 Updates
  • Removed unused js
  • Minor CSS improvements
  • Auto-loading purchase form data based on shortcode when no GET vars detected
  • 1.0 Bug Fixes
  • Strip slashes from Paypal form data
  • Fixed thank you URL encoding issue that led to 404


  • 1.0 RC3 Updates
  • Upgraded Font Awesome to 3.1.1
  • Additional hooks and filters in project content, decks, and shortcode list
  • Improved front-end CSS to account for theme inconsistencies
  • Support for Stretch Goals extension
  • 1.0 RC3 Bug Fixes
  • Fixed occasional missing div in full deck shortcode
  • Fixing unset variables in email settings
  • Fixed bug in send to mailchimp function


  • 1.0 RC2 Updates
  • Removed public error function
  • Update to CMB_META_BOX_URL function to better set location
  • 1.0 RC2 Bug Fixes
  • Fixed level 1 limit bug
  • Fixed issue causing emails not to add to list
  • Stripping commas from price on PWYW form


  • 1.0 RC1 Updates
  • Dropping all ign_ tables as part of uninstall
  • Better support for foreign characters in product/level titles and descriptions
  • Major security update to better sanitize GET and POST data
  • Removed deprecated install function
  • Removed deprecated FAQ/Updates files
  • Minor visual updates
  • Purchase form button says ‘processing’ after click to provide visual cue
  • Order menu now sorts descending by order ID
  • Converting timestamps to 24 hour format
  • No longer showing project ID in shortcode list until project is saved
  • 1.0 RC1 Bug Fixes
  • Loading postmeta file only when creating or editing post/page. Solves unexpected output error on activation
  • Removed a variety of debug errors, warnings, and notices
  • FB script now loads properly on posts and pages
  • Fixed custom settings purchase form bug
  • Updated project admin to uniformly display pricing
  • Ensured missing project details do not prevent insertion of new product
  • Several fixes to order details menu to improve sorting


1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 9 Updates
100% funding added to Paypal Adaptive Payments
HTML support for level displays
Ajax validation for level/purchase price on level based projects
Removal of multiple unused functions
Minor changes to database schema
Improvements to shortcode HTML/CSS
Improved security
Font Awesome added to core
Categories added to project data
Removed unused submenus that were hidden in sidebar

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 9 Bug Fixes
Massive removal of WP and PHP debugger notices, warnings, and errors
Updated conditional to detect mini/full deck
Replace deprecated WP functions
Fixes to prevent html in purchase form dropdown from breaking form
Multiple fixes to prevent project postmeta from saving/recalling correctly
Minor fix to image deletion ajax in project postmeta
Fixed differing percentage bar displays when over 100%
Changed the Purchase Page Url text from ‘Thank You page’ to ‘Checkout Page’ in the metabox
Description fields now properly support line breaks
Fix to the way product array was stored and called
Ensuring purchase can only take place when value is above 0 Fixed issue causing inability to save social and skin settings

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 8b Updates
New hooks to enable updates and FAQ extensions
Removed level description from dropdown
Updated submenu filter to allow multiple tabs

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 8b Bug Fixes Fixed several warnings and error notices
Form field alignment fixed

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 8 Updates Removed WooThemes media uploader on new/edit project admin
Improved order view/edit interface
Enhanced purchase form dropdown
Easily add new skins from the settings menu
Custom settings gets its own tab
New hooks to prepare for additional payment gateways
New open/closed campaign type

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 8 Bug Fixes
Centered purchase form
Properly setting selected level in order edit screen
Shortcodes now always show right product id
Fixed invalid product_id insertion on new projects

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 7b Updates

-Only display FAQ/Updates if present

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 7b Bug Fixes
Replaced invalid include wrapper for mini widget
Fixed invalid product_id insertion on new projects

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 7a Updates
Updated order view/edit styling

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 7a Bug Fixes
Fixed order view/edit bug that restricted viewing/editing to a single order
Clearing divs below complete shortcode elements

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 7 Updates
Updated styles to avoid conflicts and add enhancements
Removed deprecated Paypal button
Minor security enhancements to database queries
Two additional hooks added (create/save project)
Adding product number to postmeta
Switched directory conventions to plugins_url
Removed deprecated files/functions
Can now select manual amount when manually adding orders
Can now edit level in order admin
Renamed CMB scripts to avoid conflicts

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 7 Bug Fixes
Properly decoding long description on complete shortcode
Capping percentage raised at 100%
Fixed order menu showing wrong level description
Added handler for pending payments
Stopped replacing WP default jQuery

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 6 Updates
Pay what you want added as project type
Improved error reporting on Paypal form
Added project filter and order search to orders menu

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 6 Bug Fixes
Fixed short/long description wysiwyg editors and editor toggling
Fixed image deletion bug

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 5 Updates
Installation of two action hooks: id_payment_success (triggers after a successful purchase) and id_payment_return (triggers after returning from paypal)
Improved CSS handling to prevent theme override

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 5 Bug Fixes
Fixed broken redirect to thank you page
Payment selection properly loads saved settings/selection
Properly sanitizing prices going into db
Properly formatting numbers on all front end displays

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 4f Bug Fixes
Fixed bug reducing percentage bar to 0% after fund reaches 1,000

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 4e Bug Fixes
Fixed bug keeping Paypal email from saving

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 4d Bug Fixes
Removed stray debugging text

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 4c Bug Fixes
Fixed bug causing sandbox mode not to save on standard Paypal

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 4b Update
Modified CSS to better adapt to long level titles
Added script to auto-upgrade from version prior to B54a

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 4a Bug Fixes
Fixed broken date picker

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 4 Updates
Added sharing via
Added level titles
Added level limits
Numerous styling tweaks and updates
Updating database structure
Shortcodes are now templated and can be modified in a single file instead of multiple locations

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 4 Bug Fixes
Fixed missing Facebook share button

Numerous Adaptive Payments bugs addressed, including IPN

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 3a Bug Fixes
Updated adaptive payments path so it loads properly
Price descriptions updating properly on purchase form

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 3 Updates
Frontend/Backend scripts are now separated to only load when required
Adaptive Payments lib only loads when Adaptive Payments are activated
Sanitized payment variables to Paypal
Removing deprecated files/functions

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 3 Bug Fixes
Fixed standard Paypal IPN bug
Standardizing prices w/ decimal in levels

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 2g Bug Fixes
Deleting product post now deletes from product database

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 2f Updates
Rearranging city, state, zip on purchase form
Updates to admin css

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 2e Bug Fixes
Added missing translation fields
Fixed PHP short open tags

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 2e Updates
Fixing non-fatal PHP errors
Removed deprecated sharing features
Improving use of templates within shortcodes

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 2d Updates
Removing unnecessary js redirects

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 2d Bug Fixes
Updated project and purchase URLs

1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 2c Updates
Removed unnecessary javascript from widget links

Fixed = bug in PHP short tags
Removing unnecessary jQuery
Minor CSS improvements
Updating to 24 hour timestamps
1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 2a Fixes
Purchase URL fix
Fixed PHP bugs caused by stray = signs
Fixed blank project settings screen
1.0 Beta5 Hotfix 2 Bug Fixes
Fixed bug in social sharing resulting in stray 0 in template
Added missing currencies
Fixed a return URL issues causing orders not to post
Changed shortcode verbage from ‘product’ to ‘project’


Fixed embed widget CSS directory
Easy upgrade button added to initial settings menu
Minor changes to widget layout/text
Fixed bug causing progress data to show 0/0%
Fixed bug causing certain Paypal redirect URL’s to format incorrectly upon return
Fixed multiple order ‘refresh bug’
Fixed FB sharing to include proper image and title
Fixed IE dollar sign issue
Asked questions now delete properly
First price level price now shows in manual order screen
Added functions for project level & buy button
New CSS structure
Minor CSS tweaks
Help links added to admin screens
Fixed translation/buy button issue
Fixed delete button for project images
Days left stops at 0
Modified admin menu with logo
Added help text to admin menu
Updated currency display
Added shortcodes to side menu
Fixed shortcodes
Fixed percentage display
Fixed Mailchimp bug in default project settings
Modified template global variables
Replaced auto-insertion of project data with shortcodes.
Language support has been upgraded and includes multiple language files. If you are interested in aiding with translation, please send an email to support@Ignition Simplified plugin menu.
Added new shortcodes for project content, widgets, and images.
Updated internal documentation.


Fixed button used to remove additional project levels.
Fixed post-meta labeling issues.
Fixed Facebook connect conflict when using mulitple Facebook plugins.
Fixed bug causing widget to disappear when choosing any but default project.
Renamed database tables for consistency.
Fixed blank avatar bug for Twitter shares.
Fixed labels on widget drop down and pop-up overlay.
Fixed button used to remove additional project levels.
Fixed post-meta labeling issues.
Fixed Facebook connect conflict when using mulitple Facebook plugins.
Fixed bug causing widget to disappear when choosing any but default project.
Renamed database tables for consistency.
Fixed blank avatar bug for Twitter shares.
Fixed labels on widget drop down and pop-up overlay.