A New and Improved Bitcoin Integration

⚠️ Note: IgnitionDeck customers may now use our CoinPayments integration to accept Bitcoin payments for their Crowdfunding Campaigns!

In mid-June of 2013, we launched a Bitcoin extension for the IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding plugin (now called Legacy IgnitionDeck) using the Blockchain API to convert funds and process transactions. As the platform evolved and user suggestions came in, we realized that our integration was good but not quite great.

  1. This integration only worked when using IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding on its own, which meant that IgnitionDeck+Membership and IgnitionDeck Enterprise users could not take advantage of it.
  2. Many users expressed a desire to be able to display and process transactions in Bitcoin (BTC) rather than a national-based standard such as USD.
  3. We weren’t entirely satisfied with the Blockchain API. We wanted something that would automatically convert currencies and potentially even handle recurring transactions.

During this time, we learned about Coinbase, a budding new Bitcoin-based startup heavily backed by investors and iterating at a tremendous pace. In June of last year, their API was very young and almost non-existent. Fast forward to now and that same API has vastly improved and far surpassed its peers in terms of utility and ease of use.

As we began using the service and testing its potential, we realized it was the perfect solution for our Bitcoin woes. So off we went to re-invent the wheel, tossing out our old Bitcoin extension and beginning anew. The result is a new and improved Bitcoin payments integration that resolves all of the issues stated above, including the addition of recurring payments.

To take advantage of this new Coinbase functionality, simply update your version of IgnitionDeck Commerce to 1.5.4 or higher. You’ll find the settings in the IDC->Gateways menu, where the rest of the payment settings reside.  For detailed instructions, see our new documentation page on accepting Bitcoin payments with Coinbase as of July, 2022 IgnitionDeck users may accept Bitcoin payments with our CoinPayments integration.

We can’t wait to see you put it into action.

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