Introducing Subscription Billing with Trial Periods

Did you know that IgnitionDeck Commerce supports multiple forms of subscription billing, including weekly, monthly, and annual payments? This is a great way to maximize fundraising revenue for everything from product-based to donation-based crowdfunding websites.

It’s also handy for offering other types of subscriptions, such as on e-commerce and information marketing portals. When paired with our built-in content protection, you can easily withhold specific types of content, such as page content, zip files, or PDF files, pending a customer’s subscription payment.

Better yet, if you’re using IgnitionDeck Enterprise to build a white label crowdfunding website, you can even restrict access to the project creation form, forcing creators to pay for this privilege on a recurring basis!

You’ll be hard pressed to find another e-commerce or crowdfunding plugin that offers the versatility that IgnitionDeck offers, especially after our most recent release, which now enables trial periods when using our PayPal or Stripe integrations.

That’s right, you can now offer free trials of any duration (days, weeks, months, years) in order to recruit donations, or entice customers to try your product! It’s a great way to offer a try before you by period, which in turn reduces friction during the checkout process.

Consider a crowdfunding platform built in the likeness of Patreon, where you might grant access to your premium content for a period of 7 days during a trial period. You can use this feature to deliver almost any type of media, such as audio, video, podcasts, industry news, etc.

You could even use free trials to delivery physical goods, which is one of the most popular marketing methods of the health & fitness industry.

Note that recurring payments, including trial periods, requires an IgnitionDeck Echelon or Enterprise license, and an IgnitionDeck Commerce version of 1.9.1 or higher.

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