Automatic Updates for Theme 500

WordPress Crowdfunding Theme

One of our passions here at IgnitionDeck HQ is working hard to make sure that our product experience is top notch. And while we’ve made significant progress on some fronts, the one that has always trailed behind is the way in which our plugins and themes are updated from version to version.

Well today we have good news:

As of version 1.2, you can now automatically update Theme 500 via the WordPress updates dashboard, which means you’ll never have to use FTP to update our crowdfunding framework again.

How to Update Theme 500

In order to get hooked up for automatic updates, simply upgrade to the latest version of the Theme 500 framework. From that point forward, you’ll automatically receive update notices in your WordPress themes and updates admin.

Next up will be generating license keys for IgnitionDeck and the Theme 500 child themes so that we can introduce that same automatic updates process for the remainder of our products. We’ll be sharing details very soon.

In the meantime, happy updating!

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