IgnitionDeck Suite Update for November

IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding (IDCF).  IgnitionDeck Commerce (IDC).
IgnitionDeck Social (IDS).  IgnitionDeck Framework (IDF).  IgnitionDeck Enterprise (IDE).

The IgnitionDeck Suite of Plugins.

We’re a far cry from when we released IgnitionDeck itself 4 years ago, as a simple self-hosted solution for a single crowdfunding project.  IgnitionDeck has grown considerably and it’s features have reached further than we ever imagined. IgnitionDeck Commerce made possible IgnitionDeck Enterprise which opened up a entire new world of possibilities for crowdfunding and fundraising.

With all this extra complexity comes extra development efforts, extra time spent in the quality assurance phase of the update cycle, and extra members on the team to help with development, support and operations.

All of that lead to an extended period of time between our last update and today.  We are extremely proud of the product we’re releasing these updates for and the team that’s helped get it here.

Maintenance Release

With our last update, we had some major features released, including a brand new look and feel.  With this release, we’ve taken to squashing bugs, cleaning code, and fine-tuning functionality.  We’ve also begun adding extra hooks and filters where appropriate in preparation for our next major release.  Leading up to that release, we’ll be continuing a steady cycle of maintenance releases as well.

We are committed to releasing updates on a regular basis as we introduce new features and tackle any other bugs that arise.  While the IgnitionDeck suite has matured drastically in its lifespan, there’s still the occasional bug that creeps up, especially when new features are introduced.  You, our wonderful customers, are always a massive help in discovering any lingering bugs with those new features, and we thank you for it.

Noteworthy items in this release.

  • FES_Upload1Digital rewards now available for project creators!  IgnitionDeck Enterprise allows members to create projects on your website. We had kept the Rewards upload screen on the front-end available only for Administrators while it was going through a thorough testing.  Now that it’s ready for primetime, we’ve unleashed this major feature to all of your project creators.  Your project creators can upload digital rewards and specify exactly which reward level they belong to. Any supporter of their projects will get the allowed rewards visible directly on their own member dashboards!
  • It was requested that we increase the number of reward levels you can add from the Front-End Submission.  We’ve listened and removed the restriction, now allowing up to 99 levels per project.
  • Notification emails are an important part of operating any community platform website, and we’ve added some new features to how they send.  Of note is that an email is sent to the administrator for project review on submission for approval, rather than save as draft.
  • The strange bug that was sticking checkout on ‘processing’ when a user was logged out has been squashed.  This wasn’t on every instance of IgnitionDeck Commerce, but for those that were experiencing it – you’ll be happy to know it’s done for.
  • License Keys will now validate for all hosting environments.  A silly fix of adding www. in the URL to validate the key was the culprit on some hosting environments – and for those that experienced it, we know how frustrating it was for you, and thank each of you for helping us get to the bottom of the issue.
  • Additional translation strings added in both IDCF and IDC: With the IgnitionDeck plugins being used all over the world, we are seeing more and more translations being made of the plugins.  We’ve fixed strings that weren’t translation-ready thanks to those users that have brought these to our attention.  Don’t forget if you’ve created a PO/MO file for another language that you would be happy to share, we can host those on GitHub to share with the community.
  • PWYW bugs: We’ve fixed a couple of bugs in the PWYW functionality to ensure that an amount less than the minimum on certain instances, can’t be input by supporters and also corrected the way the input value is compared to the minimum set price.

The Updated Plugins and Themes

You can find these updates on your member dashboard.  You will also be alerted to updates available in your WordPress plugins admin screen for IDC, IDCF, IDF and Fivehundred Framework.

  • IgnitionDeck Framework 1.2
  • IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding 1.5.7 – Release Notes
  • IgnitionDeck Commerce 1.6.1 – Release Notes
  • IgnitionDeck Social 1.0.3
  • Fivehundred Framework 1.5.6 – Release Notes
  • Fivehundred Classic 1.3.8
  • Maximus Theme 1.1.7
  • Venus Theme 1.0.1
  • Fundify Theme 2.0.6
  • Crowdpress Theme 3.0.6

Coming Soon – Stellar Crowdfunding Platform Theme

Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming release of Stellar, the WordPress theme for Crowdfunding platforms.


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