Sending Transactional Email with Mandrill and Sendgrid

You probably already send newsletters and autoresponders via a service like Mailchimp, but what are you using to send transactional email? Does your membership plugin or digital delivery system even offer it?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, transactional email is one-time email related to customer actions, such as after registering or purchasing on your site. This also includes lost password emails, social sharing emails, and notification emails.

Considering the nature of the content, it’s paramount that these messages deliver quickly and accurately so that they reach your customer’s inbox and not end up in a spam folder, or worse, get rejected before they arrive.

Enter transactional email services Mandrill (powered by Mailchimp) and Sendgrid, two powerful, industry leading, transactional email solutions. Because we absolutely love (and use) both services, we thought it fitting to integrate with both of them by default, offering you a choice between the two.

Each service offers exceptional deliverability, reliability, and pricing. The only way you can go wrong is by not using them at all.

Of course, like most of IgnitionDeck Commerce’s key features, these integrations are included free of charge as part of the core IgnitionDeck + Membership and IgnitionDeck Enterprise software packages. No need to purchase or install anything extra. Simply enter your API details, select your choice, and save.

Once enabled, IgnitionDeck Commerce will route all receipts, customer messages, and notifications through the service of your choice.

Happy sending!

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