IgnitionDeck Now Integrates with reCAPTCHA

There are few greater frustrations than trying to fight off spam registrations from bots. They not only clog your inbox and notification queues, but they can also deal significant damage to your web platform, especially if it’s running on a shared host with limited resources.

As bots ping your registration form, the traffic will result in dozens of database calls per visit, which can result in significant slowdowns or even kill your server. In addition, once the bots have found their way into your user database, they can begin spamming your website with comments, resulting in more of the same. As your user list grows, user management becomes cumbersome, and it becomes difficult to serve your real users and customers.

You can fix this by disabling registrations or adding approval workflows, but that’s not a true fix, and will only result in more work for you, the business owner.

You could also use Akismet, an Automattic product built for WordPress. However, this product seems like a contradiction. Instead of building the features into the core product, Automattic chose instead to build it as a premium product that users must pay for. We take issue with this approach, and its why, as WordPress users of more than a decade, we decided to build a better option.

Our new WordPress reCAPTCHA integration for IgnitionDeck automatically adds Google’s reCAPTCHA verification to all WordPress login and registration forms, in addition to IgnitionDeck login and registration forms. This deterrent will significantly reduce bot and spammer traffic without adding any additional steps to your workflow, and because it’s managed by Google, is both free and continuously maintained.

This module is also free addition to IgnitionDeck, and works whether you’ve purchased a license or not. We think it’s a great addition to an already growing list of extensions, and hope that it helps make your life easier.

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