Automatically Hide Failed Projects

If you manage or own a crowdfunding platform that uses closed end dates, it’s likely that a small percentage of your customer’s campaigns will fail to meet their goal, in which case it makes sense to hide failed projects from view so that the active (and successful) projects are not hidden or pushed from the front page or other featured campaign pages. This allows you to protect on-page real estate that matters most to you, and ensure that your site isn’t cluttered with failed campaigns.

In order to achieve this functionality, our IgnitionDeck Enterprise users had to manually hide failed projects via CSS, a burdensome task that distracted from more important work, and also required a fair amount of technical skill. We knew this wasn’t a proper long-term solution, so we set out to make it right.

The result is a simple option in the IDC->Enterprise Settings menu that once checked, will automatically hide all failed projects from the project grid, including home page and archive grids, widget grids, and shortcode grids! Better yet, this allows you to leave the project published so that the direct URL still works, and will not negatively affect users or search engine rankings.

If you’re the type that wants to show failed campaigns on those pages? No problem! Simply ignore the new setting and nothing will change.

This new feature is just one of the many new Enterprise features we’ve added recently, and hope to continue adding, resulting in a product that offers both incredible flexibility, and functionality! There’s never been a better time to upgrade to IgnitionDeck Enterprise and gain access to these new crowdfunding features, and an endlessly growing set of fundraising modules. Stay tuned for even more updates, including a variety of enhancements to our Stripe and Stripe Connect integrations!

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