Stripe UK Brings New Payment Options to IgnitionDeck

Stripe UK
Stripe UK

Stripe payments is by far the most popular add-on payment gateways for IgnitionDeck, and for good reason. Their API is fantastic, they have great support, and their application process is by far the simplest of the payment processors we’ve worked with.

The issue of course is that most of our customers never get to experience this, because up until now, Stripe has been restricted to the United States and Canada.

Fortunately, all of that changed when Stripe announced their plans to add support for the UK, starting August 15, 2013.

UK pricing starts at 2.4% and 20p per transaction + VAT, and volume pricing is available for businesses at scale.

If you’re an IgnitionDeck customer in the US, Canada or UK, you can get started processing credit cards using Stripe immediately:

  1. Sign up for a Stripe Account
  2. Purchase an IgnitionDeck License
  3. Enter Your Stripe Credentials in Your IgnitionDeck Admin

If you’re outside of these territories, hang tight, as Stripe has plans to continue expanding throughout Europe. Alternatively, you can check out our Braintree Payments Gateway, which is a great alternative to Stripe.js.

Read the full announcement to learn more about Stripe’s global rollout.

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