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I hope you’re staying cool where you’re at. I’m not, it’s hot af around these parts and that’s mostly because we’re cooking up a technical feast of product updates for IgnitionDeck!

IgnitionDeck Foundation (IDF)

1.6.6 Shipped! 🏁

  • We’ve shipped PHP 8 compatibility for our plugins and themes!
  • Bug fixes
  • Remove the email license validation check. This is a hold-over feature from when we changed our licensing system at the beginning of the year. If you run into any issues with your licensing, reach out to our support.

IgnitionDeck Foundation (IDCF)

IDCF 2.0.5 Shipped! 🏁

  • IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding ships a new release with a few bug fixes.

IgnitionDeck Commerce (IDC)

1.11.0 Shipped! 💥 🏁

  • This is a particularly huge update for IgnitionDeck. This update introduces the new CoinPayments Payment Gateway. With this gateway you (and your project creators) can now accept Bitcoin payments (or hundreds thousands of other supported altcoins) for your Crowdfunding projects, additionally, this feature works with our fee-splitting feature as well so you can make the most out of this exciting new feature.
  • This release for IDC also includes several (10+) bug fixes and plugin UI enhancements!

Checkout our CoinPayments Documentation

Review all of our release notes below

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