Retiring Legacy WordPress Themes

Our core DNA is that of a plugin company, not a theme company, which is why we devote so much of our time to new WordPress products, and so little to new WordPress themes. This is not to say that themes are unimportant, it’s just that as a small team, our time is fixed, and therefore must be used with great focus and efficiency.

Truth be told, we believe that themes are just as important, if not more important than plugin features. If a plugin is the house, then themes are the curb appeal that gets it sold. Plugin features are boring, but themes present hope of what can be achieved using those features.

Therefore, we feel it’s important to constantly assess the value of our theme library, and ask ourselves if our themes do the best job of representing the hope of what can be achieved via IgnitionDeck’s feature set. Themes that don’t make the cut get deprecated, which frees up additional resources to continue development on the rest, while also freeing up time to design and build new themes. Our upcoming charity theme is a perfect example of that.

As a result of this process, we’ve made the decision to sunset three legacy themes:

  • GIG
  • Maximums
  • Venus

Each of these three themes ranked at the bottom in terms of numbers sold, and number of currently active installs. They also represent what IgnitionDeck used to be, and not so much what it wishes to be. While they will no longer receive updates or be available via purchase or credit, we will still continue to offer support for the duration of all active licenses. If you are a user of one of these themes, we encourage you to update to the latest version as soon as possible to ensure that support issues are resolved within that timeframe.

Lastly, charity theme is not the end of the line. We have a variety of additional themes in various planning/design phases, and hope to unveil those soon. It’s very possible that you’ll see an equity theme in the near future 🙂

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