Feature Spotlight: Custom Avatar

We’re excited to announce that as of version 1.7.1, IgnitionDeck Commerce now provides the option for users to upload custom avatars via their front-end dashboard. Our avatar editor takes advantage of standard WordPress filters, which means that custom avatars will take effect globally, and can easily be modified via WordPress’ filters and hooks.

Yes, that means no more extra plugins, and no more explaining Gravatar to your users.  Better yet, it can’t be missed, because it’s the first item on the users account screen.

Here’s How the Custom Avatar Works:

  • If a user is registered with Gravatar, your site will use that avatar on the website.
  • If a user logs in with Facebook, your site will automatically use their Facebook avatar.
  • If a user uploads a custom avatar from their account screen, this will be used in place of all others throughout your website.
  • If none of the above is a factor, the user avatar will be the site default (of which you can set in your WordPress settings)

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