Cover Fees and Collect Donations on Checkout

We first released the Fee Mods module as a way to offer custom platform fees on a per-project basis. This has been a huge help for those platforms that seek to charge fees on a flexible basis.

However, after spending some time speaking to and accepting feedback from our very active IgnitionDeck Enterprise user base, we learned that this wasn’t enough. Users wanted the option to collect tips and allow backers to cover fees during checkout. Therefore, after a few weeks of development, we’ve enhanced this module to add both of these requested features.

  1. Custom Donations on Checkout – Customers can now add a tip during checkout, 100% of which is paid to the platform. This allows platforms to earn revenue without charging high commissions or fees. This feature has been made popular by sites like Humble Indie Bundle and GoFundMe.
  2. Cover Fees on Checkout – Customers can now cover the fees charged to organizers and creators by simply selecting an option during the checkout process.  In doing so, their pledge will automatically increase to cover the base fee.

You can review the updated Fee Mods documentation to see how you can implement these features on your crowdfunding website.

In the near future, we also hope to allow admins to setup multiple fee structures that can then be assigned to projects, campaigns, and events. This would allow fees to be charged based on funding options, and whether or not projects reach their goal. We also plan to continue working with Stripe in order to bring Stripe Connect to new territories.

We are very excited about the future of IgnitionDeck Enterprise, and have some new exciting modules in the works that we can’t wait to reveal! In the meantime, tell us what you think about the new opportunity to collect donations and cover fees on checkout.

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