Custom Paypal Crowdfunding

Custom Paypal Crowdfunding
Custom Paypal Crowdfunding

As multi-site crowdfunding gains popularity, it’s become increasingly important for crowdfunding site owners to have the ability to manage funds on a per-project basis. While a website owner might feel comfortable managing a master crowdfund, there are many cases where doing so just isn’t desirable.

Additionally, managing other people’s crowdfunding earnings adds an increased burden of risk to the site owner. We’d prefer to provide an option that allows crowdfunding site owners an opportunity to avoid that should they choose.

As a result, we’ve introduced a new feature that allows you to customize the receiving Paypal email address on a per-project basis, which means you can run a multi-project crowdfunding portal without ever having to touch other people’s funds.

This Paypal crowdfunding functionality is available as of IgnitionDeck 1.02, and works with the standard Paypal gateway enabled. To use it, just visit the custom project settings menu and add a Paypal address. Should you ever wish to revert back to the standard Paypal email, simply replace the email or click the clear button to use defaults.

As always, we’re looking to continuously improve our crowdfunding payment gateways and their functionality. What payment features would you like to see next?

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