Accept Donations with Square Payments

Square Payments is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to charge credit cards, and not just with a card or chip reader. Over the past 12 months, they’ve slowly iterated on their point of sale product, releasing a variety of sleek and sexy terminals that compete very well against competitors in the space, combined with an intuitive interface that delights users with its ease of use.

They’ve also recently launched new payroll and capital products, the former allowing merchants to process payroll at discounted rates compared to the market leaders, the latter allowing merchants to borrow on a percentage of their monthly sales. The more money you ring through your Square account, the more you’re qualified to borrow!

All of these reasons make Square a premier choice for processing payments, both online and in person, despite what some might perceive as higher than normal fees. If you’re already using Square for local in-person payments, then makes Square an even more attractive option, and perhaps a no-brainer.

For all of these reasons and more, we’re excited to announce the release of our latest payment integration: Square Payments.

While Square’s API is not quite robust enough to support recurring donations or pre-order payments, it’s a great choice for those of you that wish to accept donations on your fundraising campaign without having to sign up for a new processor and split receipts between multiple accounts. You can use our new module to instantly enable the processing of credit cards on fundraising projects via IgnitionDeck.

The Square Payments module requires an IgnitionDeck Echelon or Enterprise license, and can be found and enabled via the IgnitionDeck->Modules menu in your WordPress admin.

We hope you enjoy using it, and look forward to hearing success stories of how you used Square to build your own fundraising platform.

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