Keep Users on the Front-End with the Password Reset Module

One of the most frequently requested features from IgnitionDeck Enterprise users is the ability to bypass the standard WordPress password reset workflow and instead offer a custom interface to keep users on the front-end of the website. This request makes sense. Keeping users on the front-end of the website prevents them from being redirected to the WordPress admin, where they lose site of your site’s branding and could gain access to parts of the website you aren’t comfortable putting on display.

In other words, a front-end password reset process makes sense both from a security standpoint, and a branding/marketing standpoint.

It’s a wonder WordPress hasn’t fixed this already to be honest, but after doing a bit of digging, we think we understand why. A large portion of the code used to manage this process appears to have been written in earlier days of WordPress, and there is a significant lack of hooks and filters that could make managing this process much easier.

Regardless, we set out to find a solution, and in the end, think we’ve achieved one that both looks and works great.

It’s as simple as filtering the default lost password URL, using the already present IgnitionDeck dashboard, and then filtering the form to switch from a login form to a password reset form.

There’s nothing special here other than the fact that this module does exactly what it’s supposed to do!

This module is available as a free add-on for all IgnitionDeck users, and can be activated in the IgnitionDeck->Modules menu.

You can learn more about the Password Reset module on its module documentation page.

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