Say Hello to IgnitionDeck Add-Ons


Wouldn’t it be great if you could customize your software the same way in which you customize other parts of your life? Musicians customize rigs, athletes customize gear, and gamers customize their HUDs, so why shouldn’t you be able to extend that to everything you do?

At Ignition WP, as much as we love keeping software lightweight and flexible, we’re hackers at heart, which is why we couldn’t help applying this principle to IgnitionDeck.

Today we’re excited to introduce the first of many results, two brand new IgnitionDeck add-ons that are immediately available for install. Better yet, they’re free for current supporters.

The first, IDTwilio, answers the question – ‘How can I get a text every time someone donates to my campaign?’

The second, IDMessage, brings a very cool and useful messaging utility to IgnitionDeck.

Take a look at the IgnitionDeck plugin repository for more info. They install just like any other plugin and can be accessed via the IgnitionDeck sidebar.

Take them for a spin and let us know what you think. We’d also love to hear what other plugins you’d find useful.

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