Introducing the All New Deck

Exhibit A

For those of you that have been part of IgnitionDeck since the early days, you know the ‘IgnitionDeck Widget’ has come a long way since then.  As part of this transition, we’ve learned to stop calling it the Widget, and start calling it The Deck.  This is because WordPress itself has a Widgets system, and it was always very confusing for us to explain what we meant, and for you to explain what you meant, whenever we were referring to the Deck as a Widget.

The Deck now has three unique display types.

  1. The regular Deck with all of the campaign info on display.  (see exhibit a)
  2. The special ‘mini-deck’ that you would use to display in your sidebar throughout the website. This has got a large ‘Learn More’ button that would take your visitors directly to the Project page. (see exhibit b)
  3. The wonderful option of displaying the Mini-Deck on all pages except the Project page, where it would instead display the Deck.

It’s simple to choose which you’d like to use.  You just go to your WordPress Admin->Appearance->Widgets, and drag the ‘IgnitonDeck Project Widget’ to the sidebar you’d like it to display in.  Choose the project you’d like the Deck to display, and then select what type of Deck you’d like to use.

Exhibit B

You can also display either Deck using its Shortcode anywhere you’d like.

Deck: [project_page_widget product=”#”]

Mini-Deck: [project_mini_widget product=”#”]

With these two versions of the IgnitionDeck Deck, we think you’ll be able to integrate your crowdfunding project into your existing website seamlessly, or start a whole new site from scratch.  Using the Mini-Deck to advertise your project throughout your website is extremely simple!  And don’t forget, we’ve also got the IgnitionDeck Embeded Deck as well.

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