Backer Profiles

In matching hopeful visionaries with eager backers, crowdfunding is a special experience that helps turn ideas into businesses, enables artists to make art, and raises funds for much-needed special causes.

For backers, a backer profile is a badge of honor. Their pledge history shares a story of projects won and lost, and the causes they’ve helped spring into action.

For platform owners and project creators, backer profiles are an additional marketing arm that extend the reach of their project/s and increases chance of crowdfunding success.

Needless to say, backer profiles are an important part of the crowdfunding culture, and we felt it was important to build them into our IgnitionDeck Enterprise product.

So as of IgnitionDeck 1.3.9, IgnitionDeck Enterprise will include built-in backer profiles that can be accessed via an individual user’s dashboard, or  a public URL that can be accessed by any guest or logged-in user.

Backer Profiles

The profile information found on each profile can be saved and edited from the user’s ‘My Account’ screen, located on their dashboard, and will automatically update with every new pledge.

We’re really excited about this feature, but we’re not done yet. Here’s a glimpse into the roadmap for additional backer profile features:

  • Custom filters/hooks for easy theming and customization
  • Optional level names
  • URL rewrites for pretty URLs
  • Custom layouts

Special thank you to SchoolCharging for sponsoring this feature.

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