An Update to IgnitionDeck Translations

Half of IgnitionDeck’s audience lives outside of the US, which is why, from the very start, it’s been very important for us to ensure that IgnitionDeck could be translated as simply and as quickly as possible.

And while we primed IgnitionDeck for translation very early in the process (some would say too early), it’s become increasingly clear to us that bundling the language files with the core software package isn’t the best way to achieve this goal.

For starters, it’s very difficult to rally a community around translations that aren’t open source.

Second, bundling them with the product limits our ability to quickly update and offer new translations.

As a result, we’ve decided to move away from our prior format and instead open source IgnitionDeck translation files on Github. As part of this change, we’ve penned a brand new guide for those of you looking to translate IgnitionDeck into your native language. You can find that guide here: [IgnitionDeck Translation Guide].

It’s our hope that this process will benefit you, our supporters, while making it easier for you to share and create new translations.

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