New Feature: Open Ended Crowdfunding

What should happen when your campaign has expired?

Originally, IgnitionDeck campaigns just kept going and there wasn’t any way to shut them off. The date remained and the days stopped at zero. We thought that was OK, but not nearly as good as it could be. So over the past several months, we’ve watched you run your campaigns and pondered additional options, eventually settling on a solution we think you’ll love.

We’re introducing a new option that allows you to choose between two types of projects, open and closed.

If you leave it open, the date text adjusts to ‘ended on‘ instead of ‘ends on‘, the number of days left hides away, and you keep raising as normal.

If you close your campaign, the text changes similarly and the support button is removed, allowing you to cease accepting payments and move on to the next phase.

To use this feature, you’ll need to install Beta5 h8a or greater, and select an option at the top of the project meta (right next to the pledge what you want option).

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