It’s Here: The Grid Shortcode

Today we’re pleased to announce the release of the grid shortcode, a feature that allows you to dynamically display a list of projects in grid format without requiring the use of Theme 500.

Using it is simple. Simply create a shortcode using the following format:


By default, the grid shortcode will automatically display every project in a 3-column grid, using our brand new re-designed deck layout. If you want to set the number of columns to something other than 3-wide, simply add the column parameter, as follows:

[project_grid columns="y"]

If you want to reduce the total number of projects displayed, you can do that with the max parameter. For example, this shortcode will create a 4×3 grid:

[project_grid columns="4" max="12"]

And should you be using our new Deck Builder to create custom formats of your own, you can easily use the deck parameter to create a grid of customized decks:

[project_grid columns="4" max="12" deck="y"]

As time goes on, we hope to create additional parameters, such as the ability to include/exclude projects, the ability to filter projects based on category, and the ability to sort by any other parameter being reported to IgnitionDeck.

But in the meantime, grab the download and take it for a spin. We can’t wait to see you put it into action.

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