Say Hello to the New Re-Designed Deck

When we built IgnitionDeck, we wanted to ensure that it would work with every WordPress theme out of the box, which is why we opted for the shortcode system instead of confusing page templates or requiring a declaration of IgnitionDeck support within the theme functions file.

We also wanted to ensure that IgnitionDeck campaigns looked great, regardless of the remainder of the site’s presentation.

But as IgnitionDeck began to grow, we came to realize that our two year old designs were showing signs of wear and no longer presented the look we had aimed for. This became especially apparent when we started work on some new features which require that the IgnitionDeck skins look great regardless of the amount of data presented in the deck.

Time for a Facelift

As we began to re-design the decks, we wanted to do so while achieving two objectives:

  1. Ensure that users with pre-1.2 IgnitionDeck installations wouldn’t be affected
  2. Create a modern look that could work in any container and on any background

The result is a gorgeous set of modern designs with additional options for light and dark backgrounds. These new designs use fluid wrappers so that they can easily expand or contract within their container. Better yet, the complete shortcode has been revised to include a responsive design, guaranteeing that it will look good on desktop, tablet, or mobile.

And if that wasn’t enough, the 1.2 release also includes the long awaited Grid Shortcode, and a crowdfunding first, the Deck Builder, enabling you to create any number of custom project displays.

Using the new designs is simple. Simply update IgnitionDeck as you normally would, and the new design will be automatically applied. If you wish to change styles or browse options, simply visit your IgnitionDeck settings menu and look for that same familiar drop down menu. If you want to upgrade while keeping existing skins in tact, you can do that using our skin migration guide.

You can see the new designs + deck builder in action on our fund the future page, or visit your dashboard to grab the latest download and try them for yourself.

We’re really proud of this release, and we hope you feel the same. We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments below.

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