The IgnitionDeck Mailchimp Extension Just Got Better

If you’ve subscribed to our email newsletter, then you know that we’re strong believers in email marketing, especially in respect to our software products.

The reason is simple: newsletters and email autoresponders are the foundation for a strong customer communications strategy. If you aren’t sharing product updates, announcements, and features with your customers, then you’re missing out on a very important opportunity to keep them engaged and interested.

Additionally, autoresponders are extremely valuable in helping to convert new leads into new customers, and beyond that, improving the onboarding experience once they’ve purchased a product.

Within the email marketing space there are many fantastic options, but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t have a favorite. Quite simply put, we love Mailchimp because of the way they’ve supported entrepreneurs like us in offering free newsletters for up to 2,000 subscribers. They also have great support and a fantastic product.

So when it came time to build our first email integration for IgnitionDeck Commerce, we felt it was a no brainer to start with Mailchimp.

Using this integration is simple. If you’re an IDM or IDE member, you’ll now find a section in your IgnitionDeck Commerce settings titled ‘CRM Settings,’ where you’ll see a form for entering your Mailchimp API key and list ID. Simply enter those details, check to enable the integration, and from that point forward MemberDeck will automatically send new customers (both free and paid) to the Mailchimp email list of your choice.

Better yet, we also send a merge field with the value of the level purchased. This allows you to better segment and communicate with your customers and subscribers. If you’re using this feature, you do not need to set an email provider within your IgnitionDeck settings.

We’re really excited about this feature, and have already put it into use in the sales of our IgnitionDeck crowdfunding plugin. We can’t wait to hear what you think.

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