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IgnitionDeck Improved Embeddable Widget
IgnitionDeck Improved Embeddable Widget

One of the most underrated IgnitionDeck features is that of the embeddable widget, a feature that has been included in IgnitionDeck since early beta versions and can be used to share your project on other websites using a simple iframe snippet. This widget is a mini version of the deck that shows your project image, goal, amount raised, days left, and a button to learn more.

We believe that this embeddable widget can be a very powerful tool, but have found that most IgnitionDeck customers forget to add embed instructions/snippets to their project page.

This is why, as of IgnitionDeck 1.3, we’ve decided to make sharing this widget even simpler by adding it directly below the video right next to the other sharing options.

When a user clicks the embed button, the code will reveal itself, allowing it to be easily shared in the same way you’d share a YouTube video snippet. When clicked again, the code will hide away nicely, once again revealing the other sharing buttons.

At IgnitionDeck, we’re always trying to find new ways to help our customers be more successful in their crowdfunding campaigns, and we hope this new tool does that for you.

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