Feature Spotlight: Product Status

When running a crowdfunding or e-commerce platform, it is not uncommon for a site to have hundreds of products to sort through. This makes product administration very difficult, and the end result is that the site owner spends more time managing products than selling them.

Our solution to this problem is a new feature that we call product status. Simply put, this feature allows you to set a product’s status, which in turn alters its visibility, and in some cases, its functionality.

Included in IgnitionDeck Commerce 1.7.1, the feature is accessed via the products menu in the main IDC screen in your WordPress admin.  Currently, there are three available status flags you can use:

  • Active: The product is live on the site, can be purchased, and is always seen from the Product Management screen. This is the default status.
  • Archived: The product is live on the site, can be purchased, but is hidden on screens where products are listed.
  • Disabled: The product is disabled for being purchased on the site and is hidden from the product screens.

You can view archived and disabled products at any time by clicking “Show All” in the product management menu.

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