Important Notes on Switch from TimThumb to WordPress Thumbnails

As of IgnitionDeck 1.3, we’ve abandoned the use of TimThumb in favor of WordPress thumbnails. This allows a tighter integration with WordPress images, and ensures that we’re closing any security holes left open by an unnecessary dependency on an external script.

Unfortunately, one of the side effects from this transition is that some of your images may display incorrectly after you’ve upgraded. The good news is that the fix is simple: you just need to re-generate thumbnails for those images.

While you can do this automatically by uploading the image again and selecting this new URL, a more practical way to do this is via the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin for WordPress.

To use it, simply install the plugin, browse to the image in your media directory, and click the regenerate thumbnails button. At that point, your image should be restored to its rightful glory.

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