Crowdfunding in India with Paytm

Over the past several months, we’ve been working with several customers to build custom payment gateways for their platform. This is something we do quite often, as it’s a win-win for everyone. Customers get to use IgnitionDeck in a location that may not be supported by standard gateways, and we get to bring new features to IgnitionDeck users all over the world. One such customer sought to start crowdfunding in India, and needed a very specific integration to make that happen.

In this case, the integration is Paytm, one of India’s most popular and trusted payment gateways. Paytm looks and acts very much like PayPal, and features mobile wallet, EFT, and credit card payments.

Payments are completed on the Paytm portal, and the data is transferred when users return to your crowdfunding website. This is one of the quickest and most powerful ways to begin crowdfunding in India, and any countries they support in the future.

There are some limitations to their API, and as a result, this particular integration supports standard payments only. However, when paired with IgnitionDeck, it’s still more than capable of helping customers build a completely original and robust fundraising website. All you need to get started is an IgnitionDeck license, a cell phone with +91 prefix, and an account at Paytm.

We had several conversations with the Paytm development and customer service team during the development of this module, and each time they were extremely helpful and professional. We’re very excited to work with them going forward!

Better yet, their team walks every customer through the on boarding, testing, and production phases, and are more than eager to extend a hand to anyone that has questions about the integration.

If you’re already an IgnitionDeck customer and have questions about how to install this module, please refer to our IgnitionDeck Paytm integration guide. Installation is simple, and you can expect to be testing within minutes of submitting your Paytm application.

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