Granting Your Wishes. PayPal Adaptive, and More

We’ve been busy over here at IgnitionDeck making our crowdfunding and e-commerce products more powerful, flexible, and easy to use. Today we’re proud to announce the latest round of major improvements to the IgnitionDeck suite.

In addition to ironing out a few little wrinkles, we’ve also taken some big steps forward in our ID Social initiative, updated our most popular themes, and added two new payment gateways to the lineup in IgnitionDeck Commerce. And this little pot of gold doesn’t require finding the end of a rainbow. Just head over to your IgnitionDeck Customer Dashboard!


With IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding version 1.5.4, all social media settings have been moved to the new free ID Social plugin, which we introduced last month. Once you’ve downloaded ID Social from your IgnitionDeck Customer Dashboard and installed it, you’ll have a new settings screen called Social in the IgnitionDeck section of your WordPress administration menu. Now all your social settings can be managed from one easy-to-use screen, including the ability to enable our new Facebook login integration.

You’ve been asking and we’ve been listening.

With IgnitionDeck Commerce (IDC) version 1.5.5, we are very pleased to announce the long-awaited introduction of and PayPal Adaptive integration. IDC’s payment gateway possibilities, in addition to its many other rich features, make IDC a seriously powerful contender in the e-commerce space. Now our IgnitionDeck Enterprise customers can use PayPal Adaptive to automatically split revenue when charging crowdfunding fees and with integration, our customers have another great option for processing credit card payments.

We also wrapped this latest round of updates up and put a bow on it!

Last but not least, we’ve made important improvements to CrowdPress, Fundify, the Theme 500 Framework, and the Classic and Maximus 500 child-themes. These beautiful IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding themes are now better than ever and have been retooled to work seamlessly with the new ID Social extension. So if you haven’t already, be sure get the latest version of your favorite IgnitionDeck theme from your IgnitionDeck Customer Dashboard.

As usual, things keep getting better over here, so stay tuned, keep all your IgnitionDeck plugins up to date, and keep creating amazing crowdfunding and e-commerce sites with IgnitionDeck!

This update’s most noteworthy changes are outlined below. For full release notes, see our product documentation. All updates are available from your IgnitionDeck Customer Dashboard.

IgnitionDeck Commerce (1.5.5) / IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding (1.5.4) / IgnitionDeck Framework (1.1.6)

  • Added and PayPal Adaptive
  • Moved social integration to ID Social
  • Bug fixes

500 Framework (1.5.4) / 500 Classic (1.3.6) / Maximus (1.1.6):

  • Integrated with our ID Social Plugin.

CrowdPress (3.0.4) and Fundify (2.0.4)

  • Integrated with our ID Social Plugin
  • Bug fixes
  • (Fundify) Fixed a bug related to displaying featured projects on the staff picks template
  • (CrowdPress) Hide the About the Author area when not using IgnitionDeck Enterprise

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