The Official Stretch Goals Extension

One of the beautiful things about the crowdfunding industry is the way in which project creators innovate en route to achieving their goals. Stretch goals were not invented by any crowdfunding platform, but by entrepreneurs looking for a way to get the most out of their campaigns. And despite the fact that most crowdfunding platforms still have not enabled an official stretch goal mechanism, project creators are finding ways to do it on their own.

When working with Roberts Space Industries on the Star Citizen project, we got to see first-hand how effective these goals can be. They provide extra incentive for backers, and allow you to reward your supporters for going above and beyond in supporting your project. They’re also great as additional content to keep your audience active and engaged so that they don’t tune out and instead, share your project in attempt to help you unlock the next level.

For nearly two years now, IgnitionDeck has been helping to pioneer the path for self-hosted crowdfunding, and we see stretch goal support as a no-brainer. Which is why we’re very excited to be announcing a brand new member of the IgnitionDeck extension family: The IgnitionDeck Stretch Goals Extension.

Stretch Goals Admin

This extension requires IgnitionDeck 1.0 RC3+, but aside from that there are no dependencies or requirements. To install, simply upload like any other WordPress plugin. This extension will add a few additional meta fields to your project admin, giving you the option to add as many stretch goals as you wish.

Once you’ve created your stretch goals and saved the project, you’ll be able to add them to your project in a variety of formats:

  • If you’re using Theme 500, they are added automatically.
  • If you use a content shortcode, they’ll automatically display at the end of your content.
  • If you want to use them on their own, simply use the brand new stretch goals shortcode to place them anywhere you wish.

Yes, they are super simple, but that’s not the best part. They are completely dynamic, unlocking automatically as the project progresses.

Watch the demo to see these stretch goals in action!

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