Pledge What You Want

Pledge What You Want
Pledge What You Want

We’ve been receiving requests for a pledge what you want (pwyw) feature since we launched in October of 2011. It’s a feature that we really wanted to build early on, for whatever reason, other features (or bugs) kept getting in the way.

But at long last, thanks to some testing help from our friends at Butler University, and a lot of patience on your end, pledge what you want is finally shipping as a core feature of IgnitionDeck.

How It Helps

Pledge what you want is a great option to have, both as a backer and as a builder. It allows each side to set, or not set, terms that work for everyone. It also gives backers an opportunity to pledge as much as they want without being constrained to reward levels. With pledge what you want, you can truly crowdfund on your own terms.

How It Works

Now there are two IgnitionDeck project types:

1. Pledge what you want

2. Level based

If you choose pledge what you want, you’ll use the first project level to explain rewards. You can set a recommended price or leave it empty. The choice is yours.

Notice that the project levels drop-down disappears to make room for a price input field. 

With level-based projects, you’ll continue to use IgnitionDeck the same way in which you always have.

Best of all, you can switch between project types at any time!

We’re excited to see this feature out in the wild so we can learn how to best optimize and improve it, so keep us posted on how it works for you.

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