Stardate 1.6: E-commerce Set to STUN

As usual, we’re always working to make our suite of powerful self-hosted crowdfunding and e-commerce tools even better. With IgnitionDeck Commerce (IDC) version 1.6, we’ve seriously leveled-up! We’ve also made a number of important improvements to the rest of our suite of products including our themes. Let’s have a look at some of the highlights. 

A Beautiful New Front-End Experience

Right off the bat, you’ll see that we’ve done a complete redesign of the IDC front-end.

The IDC 1.6 Checkout redesign shown on the newly acquired GIG music crowdfunding theme.
The IDC 1.6 Checkout redesign shown on the newly acquired GIG music crowdfunding theme.

We felt like it was time to give the IDC customer experience a little bit of a facelift to keep IgnitionDeck sites looking fresh, clean, and modern, so with IDC 1.6, all aspects of the front-end, including the Member Dashboard, and all purchase forms just got a really nice re-boot.

All of our crowdfunding and e-commerce themes have been updated to play nice with the new IDC front-end design.

A New Product Upgrade System

IDC 1.6’s new upgrade system allows  you to group products together into “pathways.” Once products are grouped into pathways, your customers that own a less expensive product in the pathway can upgrade to a more expensive product and IDC will only charge them the difference in price. Upon purchase, the customer’s ownership of the old product in the pathway will automatically be replaced with ownership of the new product.

Super Flexible Buy Now Buttons Anywhere You Want

[ idc_button product=”1″ thumb=“https://image-url.png” text=”Buy This!” classes=”button classes” id=”button-id” ]

IDC 1.6’s new button shortcode allows you total flexibility with where you can put pay-what-you-want checkout functionality. The shortcode has several options that allow you to control button display text, the IDC product-id, the image that shows up in the IDC lightbox, and you can even add HTML Class and ID selectors to the button, in case you want to add special styling to it. The new button shortcode works in any page or post and uses the following arguments:

  • id (required) The IDC Product ID
  • text (required) The display text for the button, like “Buy Now”
  • thumb (optional) Controls the image that shows up in the lightbox
  • id (optional) adds html id to the button
  • classes (optional) adds html classes to the button

IgnitionDeck Keeps Getting More Engaging

Screen shot 2015-06-17 at 11.38.53 AM
IgnitionDeck Social’s Settings now include a home page image setting for a better Facebook sharing experience

Since you want to keep your customers and supporters in the loop, now IDC includes automatic renewal notifications for products that are about to expire. These reminder emails go out one month, two weeks, one week, and one day before product expiration.

Facebook sharing has been fully integrated into IgnitionDeck Social and now includes a default image setting for homepages that do not have a featured image manually assigned.

We’ve also made some changes to improve the profile image functionality for IgnitionDeck Enterprise project creators and backers.

Finally, since sometimes you may decide to stop engaging with a registered user of your site, IDC now includes a blocking tool which will suspend an account from making purchases.

A Ton of Under-the-Hood Crowdfunding and E-commerce Improvements

In addition to adding Stripe payment support for the Danish Krone, Swiss Frank, and Swedish Krona in IDC, we’ve made a bunch of other improvements and fixes to IgnitionDeck, IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding, IgnitionDeck Commerce, and all of our themes. Check out the full release notes here:

Be sure to get all your IgnitionDeck plugins and themes up to date, and stay tuned for more exciting news and tips from Ignitiondeck.

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