Announcing Paypal IPN – A New Way to Process Orders

Enabling Paypal IPN

When we chose Paypal as IgnitionDeck’s first and primary payment system, we did so because of its worldwide ubiquity and relatively simple API. As it turns out, this was a good solution to a problem that many non-US residents were more than tired of dealing with. Namely, they could not start their own Kickstarter campaigns because of Amazon Payments restrictions.

On the other hand, we also assumed, naively so, that buyers checking out via the Paypal interface would automatically redirect back to the project creator’s website so that orders could post via a standard Paypal token. As it turns out, this was not a good decision.

During the IgnitionDeck beta, we’ve witnessed several of the complications that occur when buyers do not wait to be redirected back, the most common being that orders are not posting to the database and project creators are forced to manually update their orders. Obviously, this was not ideal, neither for our customers nor their customers.

While our feature roadmap consists of a transition to Paypal Adaptive Payments, using IPN instead of auto-return, we decided that we simple could not expect our supporters to continue waiting for the upgrade. Instead, we’ve just yesterday released a new hotfix (1.0 B4 H6c) that not only fixes several bugs, but also integrates Paypal’s IPN so that orders will be posted with or without a return to your project page.

Enabling Paypal IPN
To enable this feature, login to Paypal, click Profile->More Options->My Selling Tools, and then click the Instant Payment Notification link. Enable auto-return and set your project domain as your auto-return URL. Already using IPN for another site? No problem, IgnitionDeck will automatically set the notification URL for you.

Enabling Paypal IPN

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