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When we launched IgnitionDeck in 2011, rewards-based crowdfunding was all the rage, largely thanks to sites like Kickstarter and Rockethub (now defunct). Later, the Enterprise model became popular, at which point we built IgnitionDeck Enterprise so that people could use our product to build a white label crowdfunding platform of their own. We eventually acquired Fundify to bolster that product, which quickly became the most popular theme in our library.

Eventually, new models popped up, like Patreon, Teespring, IndieGoGo, and GoFundMe, each of which inspired offered a fresh take on the crowdfunding concept, and life-changing in their own right.

Fundraising Theme for WordPress

While we’re always excited about new and innovative ways to present our product, there was something that kept gnawing away at us, deep in the recesses of our minds. Fundraising is not a new concept, and for many charities and non-profits, it’s not just a game, but a way of life. These pioneers have been raising money for decades, many of them before the Internet, and certainly before fancy crowdfunding tools were made available for it.

Yet, all of these new tools focused on new models, threatening to leave the true change makers behind, and we couldn’t allow that to happen. Hence, the concept for Settlement was born.

Settlement is a fundraising theme for WordPress that takes the best parts of IgnitionDeck and simplifies it to a common use case that can be used for any number of fundraising possibilities. Inspired by the work that folks like Charity Water, among others, are doing, it enables anyone with Internet access and copy of IgnitionDeck to raise funds without limits, and for any cause they deem worthy.

Inspired Design for Inspired Fundraising

Though design has always been important to us, we spent an inordinate amount of time on design on Settlement, ensuring that it not only acted the part, but looked it too. There are layers of complexity built in to the new widget format that allow each admin to customize the theme to their liking, all while providing a positive user experience. This ensures that each website has a look and feel unique to itself and its mission.

This is also the first theme built to integrate directly with our new Simple FES Module, which removes the distractions of rewards and level-based crowdfunding, focusing solely on that which matters most: raising money for good.

Make the Most of Your New Settlement

Pair Settlement with IgnitionDeck Echelon, and you can easily add and manage projects via the WordPress admin, raising money for as many campaigns as you desire. Combine with IgnitionDeck Enterprise, and the world opens up, making it possible to create a fundraising platform that empowers an army of users to campaign on your behalf. You can even subsidize costs by charging a fee on each transaction.

Settlement may be the first of its kind, but it’s not the last of what we have to offer. Stay tuned as we release details on additional themes, including equity, petition, and voting themes for WordPress. We look forward to hearing your feedback!

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