Going Full Auto with IgnitionDeck 1.3

Where the IgnitionDeck 1.2 release was all about user facing feature updates, IgnitionDeck 1.3 is all about improving the administrative experience. We’ve sprinkled in a few administrative enhancements, while also shoring up some design and security issues, ensuring that your IgnitionDeck site is stronger, faster, and sexier than ever.

New Features

Automatic Updates

While Theme 500 has offered automatic updates for some time, we’ve yet to offer this service for our premium products. This all changed when we improved our infrastructure and update APIs to verify and validate IgnitionDeck license keys.

Going forward, we’ll be implementing this with each of our products, extensions, and themes.

Learn more about IgnitionDeck automatic updates

Manual Level Ordering

What happens if you start a campaign and need to add additional reward levels midstream? Until now, each new level would be forced to the bottom, regardless of price, limit, or title.

We thought it should be easier for you to arrange levels the way you want to, so we’ve added a new feature that allows you to re-order your levels in the same way you’d order pages inside of WordPress menus. This new order field appears in the project post meta, right below the level limit, and works with projects old and  new.

Read more about manual level ordering

Embed Code Sharing

The IgnitionDeck embed code has existed for quite some time, but is rarely used. Because we felt that this was a missing opportunity for project creators, we’ve added a new share button underneath the video area that allows visitors to copy a snippet that enables them to embed your widget on their website.

This new feature is on by default, and the code is automatically generated.

Get the embed code details


Switch from TimThumb to WordPress Thumbnails

We’re big believers in reducing external dependencies, which is one of the reasons that IgnitionDeck does not require additional plugins or themes. And while there are certain libraries we can’t avoid bundling with the product, payment gateway APIs as an example, the TimThumb script is one we can.

WordPress thumbnails offer the same functionality, with decreased security risk, so we’ve made the decision to remove all instances of TimThumb and replace them with the simpler and more elegant WordPress solution.

Learn more about the switch from TimThumb

Built-In Extensions Menu

We wanted to make it easier for you to stay up to date on the latest extensions and extension updates. To do this, we’ve added a new built-in extensions menu inside of the IgnitionDeck admin menus so you’ll always be one click away from the insight you need to run your website.

Read more about the menu within the menu

Other Updates

Stripe Update

The Stripe Payments Gateway for IgnitionDeck has been updated to 1.1.1 to fix a variety of bugs and improve stability with the current version of IgnitionDeck. If you’re using Stripe to process payments, make sure you update as soon as you can.

Amazon Payments Released

It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve finally issued a beta release of our Amazon FPS extension which allows you to accept funds via Amazon Payments. If you’ve pre-ordered this gateway, then you’ll find it ready for you on the dashboard.

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