IgnitionDeck vs Crowdfunding Platforms: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

Business and startup spending decisions all center around the return you’re going to see on your investment. This is especially true in crowdfunding, where every dollar has the power to make or break your campaign.

Fortunately, this is an area in which IgnitionDeck excels. Compare the service of our WordPress Crowdfunding Plugin to that of signing up for one of the traditional crowdfunding platforms and the savings can be huge.

Currently, it costs just $79 to get started with IgnitionDeck and one extension — even if you’re only raising $5,000, you’ll be paying $200-250 to get up and running on any of the major crowdfunding sites. A failed $5k project on Indiegogo can set you back as much as $450. If you’re looking to raise anything above this, the savings grow exponentially.

“keep all of the money you raise”

 In addition, IgnitionDeck allows you to get up and running faster, tweaking your project and the way it’s advertised as you go. Unlike traditional platforms, we don’t charge a percentage to slice off the top, and you can keep all of the money you raise. Better yet, the only transaction fees you have to pay are at the discretion of your chosen payment platform (e.g. PayPal). Paying up-front for your IgnitionDeck installation means you don’t have ongoing costs to worry about and can concentrate on raising as much capital as possible.

Of course it’s not all about the bottom line, but IgnitionDeck’s packages give you everything you’re going to need to have a successful crowdfund. You control the site design, the accepted payments and many other aspects of your crowdfunding pages while IgnitionDeck does all the heavy lifting behind the scenes.

“IgnitionDeck works with any of the WordPress themes you already have installed.”

Once you’ve mastered the basics, dig deeper and you’ll uncover plenty of advanced crowdfunding features and customization options to create a truly personalized site. Again, you’re saving money by only buying the extensions you need: plugins for your initial IgnitionDeck installation are available for as little as $19.

Because IgnitionDeck works with any of the WordPress themes you already have installed, you won’t have to pay for a site redesign or a new WordPress template. What’s more, you can relaunch your funding campaign as many times as you like with no extra costs involved. From the biggest to the smallest crowdfunding campaigns, IgnitionDeck is both the cheapest and the most efficient option.

Don’t forget that pointing supporters to your own website (rather than a Kickstarter page) has side benefits too — you get the advantage of the extra traffic and SEO benefits, draw attention to your other products and services, and get extra cash from on-site advertising.

Lastly, unlike platforms that ditch you the moment the campaign is over, IgnitionDeck offers a year of free updates and support, and there’s then no obligation to renew (and all of your existing plugins will continue to work whatever you choose). Cut out the middlemen, take control over your crowdfunding, and maximize the amount you get back in return by choosing IgnitionDeck.

We love our product, and think you will too.

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