Serve Downloads with Amazon S3

Building a cutting edge tool for WordPress membership management and digital delivery requires integration with similar cutting edge tools. In the past, digital downloads had to be served as unprotected links to WordPress media directories or zip files in your hosts web directory, which works great if you’re able to protect them.

But what if you want to hide them from public view, and more importantly, prevent them from being accessed in the event your download link gets shared?

While there are several solutions to this problem, many of them require a monthly fee and lock you in to a delivery system that exists outside of your website. Beyond that, they also require a secondary payment gateway integration, which makes setup and management incredibly tedious.

To solve this problem, we’ve built an integration with Amazon S3 that makes it incredibly easy to serve and protect downloads available on your IgnitionDeck Commerce (IDC) dashboard. Amazon S3 automatically generates a secure token that automatically expires once the link is used, a feature that prevents unauthorized access and masks download URL’s.

Additionally, by serving files on an external server, you’ll avoid bogging down your server with large file downloads, ensuring that your site remains fast and that you aren’t wasting storage space.

Best of all, this integration is 100% free and is included within the IgnitionDeck + Membership and IgnitionDeck Enterprise packages.

The result is a seamless experience for administrators and customers that allows all downloads to be secured, displayed, and served via the IDC dashboard.

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