Introducing IgnitionDeck Helix


You may have noticed that for the past several months, we’ve been testing a new feature on the IgnitionDeck website.

This feature, which operates very similarly to web-based chat and support SaaS products, opens a sidebar that features a mix of icon and text links that help users navigate to key pages on the website.

We first built it because we grew frustrated trying to integrate IgnitionDeck’s dashboard menus into standard WordPress themes, and got tired of re-designing them for various use cases. We found a similar problem when working with WooCommerce enabled websites, which we use in testing various versions of our product.

There are so many examples of great e-commerce websites, many of which set the bar with cutting edge design and user interfaces, and yet so few of them exist on WordPress websites.

The question we posted to ourselves was: “How can we build a modular menu system that is not only modern, but integrates with WordPress, its most popular e-commerce platforms, and potentially, its entire plugin ecosystem?”

The answer soon become clear, and after a year of development, IgnitionDeck Helix was born.

What Is IgnitionDeck Helix?

IgnitionDeck Helix is a smooth, smart, and sexy supplement to the default WordPress admin bar, featuring dynamic menus, user management, custom messaging, and integrations with both IgnitionDeck and WooCommerce.

It automatically detects active integrations, and updates its functionality accordingly. It also supports custom WordPress menus, and includes links to common actions, such as login/logout, all with minimal configuration.

IgnitionDeck Helix works with any theme, and features multiple design options, including a choice of left/right placement on your website. Better yet, it’s a free product that is automatically bundled with the IgnitionDeck Framework.

The Future of IgnitionDeck Helix

The product you see now is just the beginning of what we hope to achieve with IgnitionDeck Helix. Next steps include theme and customizer options, integrations with both bbPress and BuddyPress, and additional design enhancements that make it easier to use on mobile websites.

In the distant future, we aim to extend functionality to additional plugins, and integrate additional IgnitionDeck products, such as MavenWP, our team management and chat/support system (coming soon).

We’re also keen to hear how you prefer to use Helix, so please comment below and let us know what improvements you’d like to see!

Ready to get started?

Step 1: Download the IgnitionDeck Framework.

Step 2: Follow the instructions in our IgnitionDeck Helix quick start guide.

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