These Levels Won’t Order Themselves

One of the long standing gripes about crowdfunding levels is that it should be easier to rearrange them, especially if you need to add new ones after your campaign has started. While we have always ordered levels by id, other platforms order by price. In either case, once you create a level, you’re basically stuck.

We didn’t really like that, so we decided to re-write our level system to enable you to use a custom order of your choosing. Levels will continue to display by number by default, but if you find you need to move them around, you can do it by simply changing the number in a level’s order field. Once you’ve saved, you’ll see the change on both the deck and in the purchase form dropdown.

The nice thing about this feature is that you can apply it to a single level, or all levels at once. In order to reset, simply set levels to the default value of 0.

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