IgnitionDeck and Theme 500 Now Ship with Font Awesome 3.1.1

Font Awesome is a killer set of free SVG/CSS icons that ship with Twitter Boostrap that makes it easy for designers to customize their website. With over 302 icons, in a variety of shapes and sizes, we love Font Awesome for its simplicity and flexibility, especially since it is also available as a stand alone package.

Though we’ve made use of this icon set in our Theme 500 Classic child-theme, we wanted to take it a step further and give IgnitionDeck users the same functionality that we’ve had in crafting our themes. So we’ve spent a bit of time integrating Font Awesome into IgnitionDeck and the Theme 500 framework. This means you can use Font Awesome’s standard <i class="icon-iconname"></i> implementation anywhere in your theme or plugin, provided you have either Theme 500 and/or IgnitionDeck installed.

Better yet, if you’re using Theme 500 or any of its child-themes, you’ll also have access to Font Awesome Shortcodes:

The shortcode works with or without the size attribute, each of the size elements supported by Font Awesome.

Click here to read more about using Font Awesome and see a full list of supported icons.

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