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One of the most effective ways to raise money via crowdfunding is to reach the biggest audience possible. If you look at some of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns, you’ll see that one of the ways they do this is by accepting payments via multiple gateways.

For example, we worked with the Star Citizen creator to accept payments via Paypal US, Paypal Europe, Stripe, and Amazon, which worked to the tune of $13+ million dollars.

Shroud of the Avatar, another video game crowdfunding success story, used the very same principles to raise  nearly $3 million between Kickstarter and IgnitionDeck.

But this strategy isn’t reserved for video games alone. There are hundreds of Kickstarter success stories that feature Paypal crowdfunding efforts running in conjuction with live Kickstarter campaigns, which not only increases your customer pool (many backers with Paypal accounts do not have Amazon accounts), but also allows you to cast a broader net and bring people back to your website while your campaign is live.

And better yet, once your Kickstarter campaign has ended, you can keep the pledge drive alive, even adding Stripe Payments on your own site should you choose.

Which brings me to the reason we’re writing this update.

One of the pain points we’ve heard about from those of you that have raised money on both Kickstarter and IgnitionDeck is that you wanted a way to update your IgnitionDeck projects based on your Kickstarter numbers. Why start at zero when you’ve already had a successful raise?

We admit…this made a lot of sense. So as we love to do, we got to work, building a solution.

The solution in question is what we call IgnitionDeck Kickstarter Import, and is a free extension for the IgnitionDeck WordPress crowdfunding plugin that is automatically unlocked with the purchase of any product tier.

To use it, simply install as you would any other plugin. From there, you’ll see a new field on your new/edit project screen that requests your Kickstarter campaign URL. Enter that, save, and presto…the project will automatically update based on the number of pledges, and total raised. Better yet, it will update hourly, making it extremely easy to combine Kickstarter and IgnitionDeck numbers without the tedious data entry required in the past.

It’s been said many times, but we’re big believers in the entrepreneur, and want you to be successful regardless of the product or platform you use.

We’re really excited about this new feature, and can’t wait to see you put it into action.

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