Multifondo Theme Acquired by IgnitionDeck

Over the past several months, we’ve been in talks with Progression Studios in order to offer an IgnitionDeck integration with their Multifondo crowdfunding theme. The Multifondo Theme was selling very well on ThemeForest, but limited by its dependency on the nascent WP Crowdfunding plugin, was not seeing as much success at is could have were it to be integrated with more popular crowdfunding solutions.

As talks progressed, both teams realized that maybe an integration was the wrong approach. At its heart, Multifondo was a single theme in a larger WordPress theme portfolio, and as many theme developers are aware, increased integrations means increased support.

IgnitionDeck, on the other hand, already serviced and supported a portfolio of WordPress crowdfunding themes, and adding another would further enhance our portfolio without adding a significant increase in support tickets. Therefore, we proposed that instead of building an integration, we’d purchase the theme outright and give it a new home here, where it would find its place as a unique offering amongst themes like Stellar, Settlement, Fundify, and CrowdPress.

As it turns out, the team at Progression Studios had been considering a similar proposal, and agreed that IgnitionDeck would be the best home for the Multifondo Theme.

From that point, talks progressed quickly, we agreed on terms, and the rest was history. Multifondo is now officially part of the IgnitionDeck family, and will be rapidly integrated into our existing product lineup.

In order to offer a truly integrated experience, Multifondo has been removed from ThemeForest website and will be sold exclusively in the IgnitionDeck theme directory. There will be a delay of several weeks, maybe less, as we replace its existing WP Crowdfunding functionality with IgnitionDeck functionality, but we will be taking pre-orders for this new version very soon. In the interim, any IgnitionDeck Enterprise (Lifetime) customers will receive a new copy upon its release. New Enterprise customers will have the option to choose Multifondo as their theme of choice.

If you are an existing Multifondo customer that wishes to migrate to IgnitionDeck, you may claim a free annual license of the new IgnitionDeck integrated version by sending an email of your receipt to hello at virtuousgiant dot com.

Existing Multifondo customers that wish to continue using WP Crowdfunding can continue to do so, but support will be limited to that currently offered by WP Crowdfunding’s product team.

Given the number of customers that have shown interest in this theme, and those are looking for new and exciting ways to build a fundraising site on WordPress, we expect that this acquisition will be a win-win for both parties. We’re incredibly excited about the opportunity to further expand IgnitionDeck’s capabilities, and look forward to watching as the Multifondo Theme further empowers a new generation of white label crowdfunding platforms.

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